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December full moon: 3 zodiac signs will avoid emotional chaos

The last full moon of the year that will appear in the skies on the night of this Wednesday, December 7, will cause emotional changes that could trigger internal tensions, fortunately for 3 signs of the zodiac, the sentimental chaos that is coming will not affect them in the slightest.

According to horoscope predictions Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn will be immune to the effects of the Cold Lena Moon in Geminilunation that marks the end of the fall season and the next beginning of winter, after the December solstice.

This full moon will occur in conjunction with retrograde Mars, so these signs could be said to be lucky in avoiding inaccuracies of information, misunderstandings (Geminis is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication).

What can Cancer Scorpio and Capricorn expect after being unaffected by the full moon in December?

The December full moon is a good time to journal everything that comes to mind. During these days it will be easier for your sign to access the most hidden information that is inside you, and it is that this lunation arouses your curiosity and your time alone will help you connect with your psyche, according to EliteDaily.com notes in an article .

The Cold Moon of this December 7, far from affecting your sign, will help you establish healthy limits when it comes to relating to others. It is common for people to come to you for advice or reassurance, now is the time not to feel taken advantage of.

This full moon will illuminate the path you must follow, you just have to have confidence in yourself to work or try harder when necessary. The advice is to slow down to avoid mental exhaustion, remember that if you feel exhausted you are not productive.

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