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December 3 will be the luckiest day of the month: how it will benefit each zodiac sign

December 2022 has a lot to offer in addition to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, because according to astrology in the first days of the month we will all receive the blessing of the stars and it will give us the necessary impetus to close the year with a lot of energy.

Next Saturday December 3 will be the luckiest day of the month after the stars configure in the sky a harmonious and beneficent stamp for all the signs of the zodiac.

The Moon will form a harmonious aspect with Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, at the same time, Neptune will turn direct in Pisces. This means that nothing is impossible and dreams, however fanciful they may be, can come true.

How will the astrological luck of December 3 benefit your sign? Based on the EliteDaily.com horoscope we tell you what to expect.

On December 3, your confidence and enthusiasm will be at their peak, so you’ll be a magnet for creative, romantic, and professional energy.

The horoscope predicts that you will receive a charge of intuitive energy that will reconnect you with your passions and future dreams.

You will receive the support of friends, colleagues and sentimental partner. This will cause your confidence to grow and progress towards the fulfillment of your desires.

On December 3 you will place your happiness above all else, it will be time to incorporate things into your life that make you feel happy.

It will be a day in which your sign will prosper, which means that you will take advantage of your inner fire. The horoscope suggests that you do something that you have never done before.

Good vibes you will bring on December 3 so you may have good chemistry with someone you already know or you may meet a new romantic interest.

If there is a spontaneous or unexpected meeting on December 3, this portends good opportunities. Take the opportunity to plan a future trip, be confident that there will be rewards.

You will be inspired to explore new ways to earn money; it is a good day to be bold and take risks with your talents.

On December 3 you will have a lot of confidence in yourself so you will be able to express your true emotions. Take the opportunity to be honest with your loved ones.

It is likely that on December 3 you want to be alone. Being in intimacy with yourself will rejuvenate your spirit and you will know what is inside you.

December 3rd will be a good day to get in touch with your friends and have long, sincere and fun conversations. This energy will feel like a reset.

Your planetary ruler, Neptune, will park directly in your sign, which means that you will be daydreaming again. There will be opportunities to materialize what you want most.

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