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Debutante party accessories: tips, how to choose

THE 15th birthday party it is the dream of many girls. It marks the transition from childhood to youth. For the event to be unforgettable, it is important that it values ​​the birthday girl’s personality and seeks creative ideas to surprise guests.

The debutante party is a special event. (Photo:: Disclosure)

When organizing a debutante party, several factors need to be taken into account in the list of preparations, such as the theme, decoration, attractions, souvenirs, location, invitation and photos. Another item considered important is the choice of accessories for 15th birthday party🇧🇷

What this article covers:

How to choose party accessories?

The accessories are responsible for leaving the most relaxed and fun partyespecially when the guests ‘throw themselves’ on the dance floor.

When choosing the debutante party accessories, it is important to value the theme and the budget available to invest in the articles. Guests should feel free to combine accessories and change the look for the fraternization.

Colored glasses for the party. (Photo: Disclosure)

Accessories have the power to make the party more lively and fun. In recent times, neon items are making great success, mainly to make the party more relaxed and modern.

There are many options for party accessories on the market, which are distinguished with regard to design and function. Check out some articles below that guarantee a more lively party:

To make noise: whistles, horns, horns, maracas, reco-reco, tambourine and hammer.

To change the look: sailor cap, pirate hat, top hat, viking hat, cowboy hat, Hawaiian necklace, glow in the dark necklace, ties, masks, marabou, boa, bracelets, tiaras, wigs and glasses.

To stand out from the crowd: glasses, bracelets, straws and neon ices make the guest ‘glow’ in the dark.

To unwind: confetti, streamers, metallic ribbons and spray foam.

The accessories can be made available to the guests or each one receives a kit to make the most of the party at the 15th birthday party.

The guests have fun with the distribution of accessories. (Photo: Disclosure)

Where to buy party accessories?

Party items at 25 de Março SP offer variety and more affordable prices than other stores. However, those who cannot go to popular shopping streets have the opportunity to buy products online. At party supplies online stores feature many accessory options and provide convenience.

Check out some online stores for buy party accessories🇧🇷

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