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Debit card is the new trend for e-commerce

The debit card becomes a trend for e-commerce as it brings greater convenience to consumers’ lives, which was not possible a few years ago due to Internet Banking, which in turn required an almost archaic security process inside the computer. . This often alienated consumers who wanted to use their debit card for purchases.

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Currently, thanks to advances in practicality involving debit, it is finally possible to use it without difficulties and thus enjoy good shopping on E-commerces!

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How will debit card acceptance impact online commerce?

In advance, there are around 160 million debit cards that are capable of making purchases over the Internet, all of which are optimized for this process. Normally, people want to buy without using a credit card so as not to incur more expenses, so the solution would be to make purchases with debit. Just look at the back of the card to see numbers that didn’t exist years ago.

Pix and the debit card will be able to face security issues for those who choose to use one of the two when purchasing.

What is e-commerce

E-commerce is popularly known as virtual commerce or electronic commerce, for example, its main purpose is to offer services and products over the Internet, which can attract customers.

Usually, purchases are made through computers, tablets or smartphones. Processes have become practical and faster when buying a product online using a credit card and now with a debit card.

What is the importance of e-commerce in the economy?

Above all, it is interesting to note that e-commerce, in Brazil alone, grew by around 47%, in 2020 alone, which had entered a complicated scenario due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is the highest index so far. The economy currently revolves around the e-commerce which brought greater possibilities for consumers to obtain product X without having to leave the comfort of their homes to look for it.

The Brazilian economy began to grow rapidly with the advances in e-commerce and all sectors that deal with deliveries began to receive more and more packages to be delivered daily across Brazil. In a positive way, the economy is able to breathe even with the problems left by the pandemic.

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