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Debanhi Escobar’s father wants Danna Paola or Belinda as protagonists of his daughter’s bioseries | VIDEO

The femicide of Debanhi Escobar It went around the world despite the fact that it took place in northern Mexico, and it remains unclear what happened to the young woman from Monterrey.

Despite this, the reflectors have been such that many have asked that their story be told on a streaming service. To which her parents have listened and would already be looking to take her to the screens.

This is how his father, Mario Escobar, let it be seen, who is in a constant fight so that the crime against his daughter is not forgotten and that justice is done after appearing dead in a cistern of a motel on the highway to Laredo.

Within this context, Don Mario revealed to “Venga la Alegría” that he is looking for a possible series to be made regarding the femicide of his daughter.

Revealing that you would like that Belinda either Danna Paola They will play the role of his daughter, this because they are big media celebrities who would undoubtedly attract attention should the production take place, which would help their case.

“In some way it would be an honor if any artist played the role of our daughter, they are well-known actresses, but hey, we will touch on that topic later, or the producers or the people who are going to do this will touch it.”


Who was and what happened to Debanhi Escobar?

At five in the morning on April 9, 2022, the security cameras of a hotel located on the Monterrey-Laredo highway recorded the moment in which Debanhi Escobar got out of a taxi.

Those were the last moments of life in which the young woman who had friends, family, goals, dreams and purposes on this earth was seen. Which were taken from her as one more figure of femicide in Mexico, where 10 occur per day.

After an extensive search for almost a month, the body of the young student who was studying law was found in a hotel on the same road, where Debanhi’s remains were allegedly planted.

Without a doubt, this became one of the most notorious cases and one that shook both Mexico and the world last year. And which remains unclear, despite the fact that her parents are still looking for evidence to resolve and give justice to their deceased daughter.

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