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deadline to validate invoices in 2023

The sooner you start validating invoices, the less painful the process and the more attentive you will be to detail. See the deadline and other important information.

In 2023, the deadline to validate invoices until the deadline of February 25thas provided for in article 78.º-B, no. 5 of the IRS Code??

In order to benefit from the deduction of the IRS expenses to which you are entitled, you must check whether the invoices for 2022 are active on your personal page of the Finance Portal and validate or complete the information of those that are pending.

Next, we explain all the steps to follow and we also give you an account of the other deadlines related to the IRS that you should keep in mind.

Deadline to validate invoices in 2023

Until February 25, 2023, taxpayers must access the E-Fatura portal and confirm that your expenses are all entered on the platform??

Do not forget that only invoices that have been validated will be considered by the Tax Authority (AT) – the entity that will calculate the IRS deductions to which you will be entitled for presenting an invoice with a taxpayer number.

Even if the invoices were automatically entered into the system via the merchant, it is advisable to check for errors, lack of information or any pending situation. Meeting the deadline to validate invoices avoids being harmed in IRS deductions.

For example, if you change your glasses, including the frame, and ask for an invoice with the taxpayer, this account will automatically be entered as a health expense, charged at 6% VAT. However, the frame is taxed at 23%. If there is a conflict of values, the system will give an error and the invoice will not be posted.

To avoid losing the amount of the deduction you are entitled to, you must tell the portal that you have a medical prescription and enter the invoice amount.

If you don’t do anything within the deadline to validate invoices, all outstanding ones move to the “General Family Expenses?? As you have probably already reached the limit in this category a long time ago, you will not be able to take advantage of the deductions from your glasses bill.

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How to validate invoices?

Until the 25th of February, the last day of the deadline to validate invoices, you must manually verify or enter their data. In both cases, you must access the E-Fatura portal using the password assigned to you.

If you do not have the password, you can request one, which will be sent to the tax domicile within 5 days. If the password has already expired, the change is made automatically and immediately on the portal.

Entering the portal you have to click on “Invoices > Check Invoices”?? After logging in, you just have to check that your invoice information is correct and validate?? On the next screen, you will find the amount you have already accumulated with the expenses associated with your tax number, by sector.

In case you have pending invoicesjust click on the invoice number and you will be sent to a page that allows you to input of missing data?? After entering the information, click on “Save”.

If you want register new invoices manuallyjust go to the Invoices menu and click on “Consumer > Register Invoices”?? Afterwards, just fill in the fields with the necessary information: merchant tax number, invoice type and number, issue date, VAT rate and taxable basis (amount without VAT).

It is important that you always keep receipts on paper, regardless of whether the expenses appear automatically in the E-Invoice or whether you include them manually in the system. In the event of disagreements with the Tax Authorities, this will be the only way to prove the declared expense.

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Article originally published in July 2019. Last updated in December 2022.

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