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deadline for validating expenses ends today

The deadline for validating invoices on the e-Fatura portal ends today. Make sure your expenses are in the right category so you don’t miss out on any deductions.

The deadline for taxpayers to validate and confirm 2022 expenses on the e-Fatura portal ends today, and taxpayers still have 15 days in March to claim some expenses.

Taxpayers must check on the e-Fatura portal whether their invoices have been duly communicated by economic agents and, if they detect any omissions, they must register the missing invoices (in the ‘complementary invoice information’ area).

They can also verify that the invoices are inserted in the appropriate sector of expenses, being able to correct them, in case the issuing entity has not registered with the Tax and Customs Authority the correct Code of Economic Activity (CAE).

According to AT, between March 16th and 31st it will be possible to consult, on the Finance Portal, and complain about expenses general and family expenses, as well as expenses with the right to deduct VAT due to the requirement of the invoice, which were communicated to the Tax Authorities, on the Finance Portal.

As in the past year, taxpayers with any type of income have between April 1st and June 31st to file your IRS returns.

Here are some of the main areas where you can get IRS deductions.

Expenses you can deduct


General and Family Expenses

The collection deduction corresponding to 35% of the expenses borne by household members with a maximum of 250 euros per taxable person. Here come the bills with the supermarket, water, electricity, gas and fuel, for example.


VAT on goods and services

Deduction of 15% of VAT supported by any member of the household for the total invoices for expenses with restaurants, accommodation, hairdressers, car repair shops, veterinarians, gymnasiums and sports and recreational education or public transport passes. In the case of expenses with social passes, the VAT deduction is 100%.

Deduction limited to 250 euros per householdas long as it is documented with an invoice.

Deduction of 30% of expenses with education and training for each member of the household, up to 800 euros (it can go up to a thousand euros if there are expenses with rents for displaced students). It includes, among others, expenses with crèches, kindergartens, fees, books and school manuals.

Education expenses are only deductible provided they are provided by educational establishments integrated in the national education system or recognized by the competent ministries.

Expenses with school canteens can also be deducted from the IRS, provided that the CAE of the entity is a supplier of school meals.

Deduction of 15% of health expenses by any member of the household up to a thousand euros.

Includes expenses with consultations, surgical interventions, medical examinations, hospital stays, medicines, prostheses, orthodontic appliances, eyeglasses (including frames), health insurance, provided they are exempt from VAT or charged at the minimum rate (6%).

It also includes goods and services of this nature subject to the normal VAT rate (23%), provided they are supported by a medical prescription.

The e-Fatura does not yet include the amount of user fees, since public health establishments notify the Tax and Customs Authority of the amount of user fees paid by taxable persons by the end of January of the year following the year in which it occurred the respective payment, and this information is then available on the personal page of each taxpayer on the Finance Portal on the IRS website.


Expenses with rents and real estate

The IRS collection due by taxable persons is deductible an amount corresponding to 15% of house rent chargesprovided that it is rented for permanent housing and whose lease contract has been concluded under the Urban Lease Regime or the New Urban Lease Regime.

O deduction limit is 502 eurosbut for taxpayers with lower incomes (taxable income equal to or less than the value of the first bracket) can reach 800 euros.

There is also an added benefit for those who have moved to the interior of the country and rented a house there. For these families, who transferred their permanent residence to an interior territory, the amount of the deduction rises to a thousand euros. This bonus only applies for a period of three years.

However, receipts issued monthly by landlords (or annually, in the case of older landlords) through the Finance Portal do not appear in the e-invoice, the amount of the deduction being known later on by the IRS.

Deductions with interest on credits for the purchase of permanent housing, for contracts concluded until December 31, 2011, will also only be known later, since this information is also sent by banks to the Tax Authorities during January.

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