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Deadline for submission of INSS proof of life ends next Thursday

As of Thursday, the 30th, the proof of life that the INSS requires will have its deadline ended, therefore, political amnesty holders, retirees and pensioners who, until now, have not carried out this proof, will have to do so next week.

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What happens if you don’t do the INSS proof of life?

Firstly, it is necessary to remember that in 2020 the proof of life had to be suspended, as it was a protective measure against Covid-19. However, those who fail to update the registration will have the benefit suspended and later cancelled.

Where can you take the INSS proof of life?

You can verify the data at the agency through which you receive payments. People who have biometrics registered in the TSE or Denatran, will be able to access the SouGov.br application and consult the status of the proof of life, so that it is possible to be guided on how to do it through My INSS.

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Certain bank agencies maintain permission to let proof of life be made at ATMs or through the application. However, the bank itself is the one who should provide information to the insured on options and times available for proof of life.

When was it supposed to do the re-registration?

This deadline usually varies according to the re-registration that should have taken place in 2020. That is, those who did it between September and October of last year, and have not yet completed it, must go to the agencies by September 30, 2021.

How does the payment block occur?

Policyholders who receive pensions, amnesty and retirees who do not show up within the current period will first have their payment blocked, as happened with some people in June, and if they do not show up in September, they will have their payment cancelled. Therefore, it is extremely important to check through the websites if everything is up to date so as not to lose the benefit.

This type of confirmation is necessary, as this way the government will know whether the beneficiary is, in fact, alive or are other people in possession of the payments during all months.

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