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Days after giving birth, Andrea Escalona boasts her tummy in networks

With the birth of her firstborn just around the corner, the television presenter Andrea Escalona she continues to squeeze and enjoy every moment before finally holding her baby in her arms.

For this reason, the daughter of the producer Magda Rodríguez turned to her Instagram account with a publication that melted the hearts of her followers. And it is that The collage of images she shared showed her showing off her pronounced pregnancy belly while enjoying nature.

Within the images, Andrea Escalona wears sports outfits and even a bikini, proof that she has given free rein to her adventurous side on the eve of becoming a mother.

However, The vision of the driver was not the only thing that caught the attention of the public, but also the extensive message with which she accompanied her images. It was a reflection on motherhood and the prejudices that it entails within society.

“I want to be perfect in this new stage, the bad, the Perfect does not exist and it is also very subjective, I was looking for perfection in my mother’s eyes, I always found it there because no matter what my mother always supported me in everything even in singing corridos ”, expressed the famous.

In addition to this, Andrea Escalona spoke about the physical and emotional changes she has experienced and how she has fought against the internal voices that question her ability to be “the perfect mother” for her baby.

I’m sure we all want to give our best but that’s not why let’s leave our essence aside let’s rediscover ourselves in this new version with what feels good to usour body and process, if ‘I’m fine, my baby will be fine’”, he concluded.

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