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Day without a car, so you can rent a bike in Bogotá • ENTER.CO

September 22 will be the day without a car and without a motorcycle in Colombia, so Bogotans must resort to other alternatives for mobility.

Some options are going by public transport, mobility apps, walking if they are relatively close, or going by bicycle. Obviously, not all of us have a bicycle at home and many of us have not even thought about buying one. If you do not have a bicycle, you should know that it is possible to rent one for this day and we have several ways to achieve it. For some time there have been several attempts to improve mobility, electric skateboards were one of these attempts, but now there is a new movement towards the bicycle.

Searching the Internet and researching networks, we found several alternatives that will help you if you decide to rent a bicycle.

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It is curious, but in Bogotá there have been several attempts at bike rental applications such as BiciCo and Muvo, apps that we tried to test by downloading them and although we managed to access them, it was not possible to get them to work. So we went looking for other alternatives.

Tembici App


This app is already available and it is already possible to see the charging stations of the bicycles that will circulate in the city at various points in the city. Last year, the public tender for the city’s bike-sharing system was won by the company from the Brazilian consortium M1 Transportes Sustentaveis Ltda.

Now, it is ready to operate. You just have to download the app, available for iOS and Android. Then complete a simple registration process with your personal data and you will create your account. There will be a validation process of your identity with a code sent to your cell phone via SMS and that’s it.

To make use of this system that will be available soon, you will have to get a plan within the app by registering a payment method. After that, through the GPS you will be able to locate a station and pick up your bike by activating it with a QR code.

Other alternatives

The previous app is an alternative that will be operational soon, it is expected to be for this month. Meanwhile, as alternatives you can go to bicycle rental companies for tourist purposes. We know that it is not ideal, but there are several of them such as Biking Bogotá, Bogotá Travel Tours and Bike it.

These are just a few, obviously you can get many more dedicated to this. Renting bicycles is not its main business name, but in the middle of a situation like Car Free Day it can certainly work for you.

Social networks

Something else you can do is go to search engines on social networks such as Instagram, TikTok or Facebook. In these networks you only search for bicycle rental and you will find many people dedicated to renting a bicycle for the day without a car and without a motorcycle. Most of the cases they work in the cycle route days, but surely on the Day without a Car they will have a rental possibility for this ecological day in Bogotá.

Image: Flickr/Montaje ENTER.CO

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