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Day-to-day tracksuit pants? Know how to use

Tracksuit pants have long since ceased to be an exclusive item at the gym or at home. Now they are used in the streets. Get inspired.

If three years ago we had been told that the tracksuit pants would see the light of day beyond running and the gym, laughing would be the most plausible reaction – but that’s really the fun of fashion: making us wear pieces we never imagined and elevating to the trend pieces that we thought would forever be kept in the trunk. Like tracksuit pants.

Consequently, the non-workout track pants trend is real. They are worn on the street, in more or less sporty outfits, but always full of good energy, culminating in a style athleisure.

And of course, they are also an excellent option for those who spend days home officeor just to be at home relaxing.

So, if you don’t give up comfort for anything, this fashion is for you. To help you, we’ve gathered some inspiration below on how to wear tracksuit pants on a daily basis. Will you join?


With white shirt and jacket

A good way to break up the more sporty look of tracksuit pants is to combine them with a white shirt (cotton or silk) and medium-heeled boots.

the result is sporty chic and perfect for everyday use, especially if your workplace is relaxed. And even those who like more sophisticated styles can wear this type of look without losing their elegance.

To face the cold that is felt, add a jacket and you’ll be ready to rock, without giving up comfort.


With military boots and overcoat

Once again, a great look for those who work in more relaxed environments, to wear and abuse on those days when you wake up without ideas. A super comfortable outfit that allows freedom of movement throughout the day.

Combine a more careful track suit with military boots or sneakers chunky and it will be ready. An easy and perfect look.


With feather jacket and sneakers

This is not a go-to work outfit (unless you’re self-employed or working from home), but it’s a comfortable look that rhymes well with weekends and days off.

Here, comfort is the watchword, but it’s worth putting on some flashy earrings or a bold necklace, to balance the sporty air, giving it a feminine touch.

Woman with outfits for rainy days

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With ankle boots and denim jacket

In order to make the look more feminine, an easy and practical way to wear track pants is to combine them with a sweater and a denim jacket. On her feet, medium-heeled ankle boots, in order to “break” the more sporty trait of the look, and she will be ready to face a new day.

Indeed, the style athleisure it is a good choice for all practical women who don’t give up on comfort.

On colder days, daring style lovers really have to try this look: tracksuit pants with a fur coat.

At first glance it may seem strange, but the truth is that despite being eccentric, visually it works very well. Sometimes the unlikely combinations are the best ones.

If you like to take risks and work in a relaxed environment, why not?


With sweater and hat

You know those tracksuit pants you only wear to be at home? Try dressing them with a cashmere sweater and a matching overcoat. On his feet, his favorite sneakers, and a hat on his head to fight the cold.

You can add some necklaces and earrings to get a perfect outfit both for work, if your workplace doesn’t require formal clothing, or for a weekend getaway.

As you can see, wearing tracksuit pants on a daily basis is not only possible, it can even result in beautiful, original and even elegant looks that you can wear to work.

Do you dare to try?

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