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Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe: how to send a petition and ask for a miracle

December 12 commemorates the anniversary of the Virgin of Guadalupe after a day like today, but in 1531, he appeared for the fourth time to the today sanctified indigenous Juan Diego, who is considered the messenger of Santa María de Guadalupe.

From various parts of Mexico, millions of pilgrims usually arrive on this day at the Basilica of Guadalupe, located in Mexico City, to honor the also known as the “brown virgin.”

The devotees and believers used to write your petitions to place them at the foot of your hallowed image as a thank you or to request a miracle, however, it is not necessary to go to the venue in the Mexican capital to fulfill this request.

How to send your request to the Virgin of Guadalupe?

If you want to thank the Virgin of Guadalupe or write a petition, there are several ways to do it, one of them is through the site of the Basilica of Guadalupe. The procedure is very simple, you just have to enter Intentions.virgendeguadalupe.org.mx Write your request and the date you want to be fulfilled.

The requests that you write are taken by personnel from the religious premises to the foot of the Virgin, he explains in the Catholic magazine Desde la Fe in its online version, they also appear on the headband of the transmission of the Holy Rosary from moons to Thursday that you can see at direct through the YouTube channel Basilica of Guadalupe AR.

How to request a miracle from the Virgin of Guadalupe?

The candle that you can dedicate to the Virgin of Tepeyac is a white onesymbol of purity and divinity, and the appropriate prayer for it, according to the site OraciondeSanacion.com is the following:

“Oh, little mother of Guadalupe, teach us to always do good, to follow the teachings of your beloved son Jesus as he himself educated us in his word. If we seek your blessing, help us to fulfill the commands of your son, our redeemer and savior.

Beautiful Lady of heaven and earth, most glorious brunette from Guadalupe, who has always shown us your goodness, when full of problems we have come to you, who has covered us with your protective mantle, when we have cried sincere tears before you.

I ask you to intercede with your son Jesus so that he may be my savior and guide, so that he may find all the doors open in my path, and my paths clean and clear. Ask the Holy Spirit to be my North, and fill me with intelligence and wisdom in my decisions so that he can move forward and find the best solutions, and in the end get out of what afflicts me and does not allow me to sleep.

My Lady, how full of grace you are, immaculate Virgin of Guadalupe, give me your light, give me strength to continue, give me your powerful mediation, so that the miracle I am waiting for can finally come.

Oh, most holy lady of Guadalupe, you who are in heaven come to my aid because for you there is nothing impossible, because you are miraculous, that is why I entrust myself to you today so that your hands never stop blessing me. Oh, pretty mother, pray for me and for all your children, don’t stop asking God for us sinners. Amen”.

Once you finish praying all the prayer you can make your request and if you wish, complement it with an Our Father or Hail Mary.

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