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David Faitelson threw a dart against Ricardo Salinas Pliego and asked Elon Musk to buy Mazatlán

After the recent and strong grip that David Faitelson and Ricardo Salinas Pliego had on social networks, The ESPN journalist returned to the charge and launched a small dart on Twitter by asking Elon Musk to take over the Mexican businessman’s team to end timeshare in Aztec soccer.

After the investment by the tycoon in Mexico became official with the arrival of a Tesla company plant in Nuevo León, Faitelson took the opportunity to criticize his former boss again on TV Azteca using the figure of the South African billionaire.

Through his official Twitter account, the communicator asked Musk to buy Mazatlán in order to put an end to timeshare in Mexican soccer, an issue for which he recently had a run-in with Salinas.

“Now, Mexican soccer should convince Mr. Elon Musk to buy a club in Mexico… How about the ‘Mazatlán-Tesla’, Don Ricardo Salinas Pliego? I mean, and so, by the way, we are ending timeshare”he wrote wryly.

Faitelson’s comment may be tied to the recent announcement by the Mazatlán owner promising more investment for the institution. In recent days, both characters had a heated discussion in which various points were touched on, such as Yon de Luisa’s departure from the Mexican Football Federation or Pliego’s proposal to eliminate relegation.

So far, the Mexican businessman has not answered the ESPN journalist. However, he was also one of those who joined Musk and Mexican soccer in an interaction on Twitter.

After being asked by a netizen for his opinion on Tesla’s arrival in Mexico, Salinas welcomed Musk and congratulated him on his investment. “Very good for Elon Musk, welcome private investment. They are going to build it on time, without corruption, with the best engineers in the world, they are going to deliver it without making a scandal, it will be a great business, it will produce thousands of good jobs and it will cost what was budgeted or even less”, he opined.

Mazatlán is bottom of the general table of the Clausura 2023 Tournament of the Liga MX with a possible point of 18. The cannoners have not won in nine games and have only been able to tear a draw against Querétaro.

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