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Daughter of former Brazilian soccer player Romario ventures into OnlyFans

Romario in an All-Star game in Brazil in 2013.

Photo: Buddha Mendes/Getty Images

Danielle Favatto is the daughter of the legendary Brazilian striker Romario, she has just become a mother for the first time and has decided to venture into the OnlyFans exclusive content platform. However, this announcement is not what it seems.

This page is recognized worldwide for being a space in which erotic audiovisual material is distributed. For some time now, the new company policies have sought to further diversify the content.

In a statement for the Brazilian media UOL, Favatto assured his foray into OnlyFans is due to only one reason and that is to be able to show first-hand his experience as a new mother. After learning of her maternity, the young woman would have decided to completely change her habits and the content of her that she published on her social networks.

“I have created a profile on OnlyFans to tell a little more about my experience as a new mother. As I have learned from this daily experience, it seemed like a great idea to create a profile on the platform to make videos on the subject”, Indian.

The profile of Romario’s daughter in this account will not have any type of erotic content and is close to the new policies of the company, which has recently added several athletes such as the Mexican UFC champion Brandon Moreno.

All with the aim of giving more variety to the page and not being known only for explicit material for adults. Moreno will share videos of his training and everything related to his discipline on OnlyFans.

Favatto is a well-known public figure in Brazil and has more than 200,000 followers on Instagram. Precisely on that social network, she also talked about his decision to venture into OnlyFans and has a highlight with three stories.

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