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Database marketing with AI for startups. Is it possible? • ENTER.CO

Database marketing is a way that brands are focused on engaging with their customers from product interests.

This tool together with Artificial Intelligence is very useful for all types of companies, including entrepreneurs. Before implementing a database marketing strategy, as an entrepreneur you must have a database. In this database you can find information about the consumers of your products, as well as the brand’s services. To explain a little more about how to make the most of AI in a database marketing campaign, we spoke with Tatiana Llanos Zúñiga. She is the Marketing & She succeeded as a Client of Sigma Móvil, a company specialized in digital communication.

“Startups can also use database marketing for their brands, and if they integrate it with AI, the effectiveness could be greater,” says Tatiana Llanos. She explains that it is important that the databases that the brand has, must have sufficient information. “The more information they have such as emails, telephone numbers, frequency of purchase and others, the better,” she says.

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What role does AI play in campaigns?

With Artificial Intelligence it is possible to manage campaigns more efficiently, as well as execute a better segmentation of potential customers. This will be done from the existing database. For Tatiana Llanos, this tool helps a lot to organize and manage the large amount of data that the databases have. In fact, Artificial Intelligence is evolving so rapidly that organizations such as Sigma Móvil are “working on the development of their own content predictor, which will recommend copy to our users for their email subjects, what is the best text for Send by SMS or WhatsApp.

How difficult is it to do this type of campaign?

For entrepreneurs and all kinds of brands, AI makes campaign execution easier. If you are interested in applying this tool in your business, you should know that it is not complicated. It depends on some factors like the tool you use and the ease of use of the platform. With this you will be able to take full advantage of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, such as predicting the most effective day and time to spread a campaign by mail. Thus, entrepreneurs can take full advantage of AI for database marketing campaigns.

Image: Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

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