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Data stolen from 69 million Neopets users • ENTER.CO

Neopets is defined by many as a ‘virtual pet website’, something like a ‘tamagotchi’ but that you can manage through your phone or computer. Believe it or not, the page has quite a few users, who are now in trouble, because the page was the victim of hackers.

The news was announced by the same company through its social networks like Twitter and Instagram. In it they announce that Neopets “recently realized that customer data may have been stolen.” To do this, the company behind the virtual pets reported that it had hired a forensic firm that will investigate what happened.

The company’s publications did not give more information about the amount of stolen data and the magnitude of the theft itself. However, according to Bleeping Computer, a cybercriminal known as TarTarX began selling the data on an online dark web forum. Apparently, the hacker would be charging 4 Bitcoins for the personal information of more than 69 million users. In cash, we would be talking about $90,500 dollars approximately.

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It is said that the theft was of a pack containing 459MB of source code and the database of the 69 million users. Bleeping Computer claims to have had access to the screenshot shared by the aforementioned TarTax. In it, according to the media, you can see that the stolen base includes data such as:

  • Real name and ‘nick’ of the user.
  • Address (initial and current) email.
  • Date of Birth.
  • Postal Code.
  • Sex and nationality.
  • Date of last login.
  • Password.

Of course, the hacker did not reveal how he got the information, however, he made it clear that he still has access to the updated data after putting it up for sale. As the aforementioned portal comments, Breached.co, owner of the pirate forum, created an account in Neopets after the stolen data was made public. To his surprise, TarTarX sent him the data with which he had just registered.

The company has not mentioned if it has already recovered the source code, but they recommended that users change the password of their accounts. “We strongly recommend that you change your Neopets password. If you use the same password on other websites, we recommend that you change those passwords as well.” However, changing the password would not be very helpful, considering that TarTarX still has access to the stolen accounts.

Image: Neopets

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