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DAPI and Ruta N create an alliance to promote the development of AI • ENTER.CO

DAPI, a leading company in artificial intelligence, arrives in our country thanks to an alliance with Ruta N de Medellín for the creation of an Artificial Intelligence and RPA center.

Digital Americas Pipeline Initiative (DAPI), in alliance with Ruta N, begins its operations in Colombia, with an advanced Artificial Intelligence center and process robotics automation (RPA) in the city of Medellin. The purpose of the company is to promote technological innovation and open spaces for labor internationalization in this specialized branch.

With this objective, DAPI seeks to provide companies with direct access to trained, experienced and certified professionals in this field. Thus, companies from the US and Canada will be able to count on highly qualified talent, geographically close, at competitive prices and with alternatives to traditional talent sources.

“Our Know How will be specifically based on certified RPA & AI professionals on demand and at scale for multiple roles. Validated real experience in delivering solutions in RPA & IA, significantly lower talent costs and better response times. Unique processes and technologies to build, monitor and maintain system automation (bots) and remote delivery by our team» explains Pedro Pineda, DAPI manager in Colombia.

DAPI has a platform called Work for RPAwhich monitors and troubleshoots operational services and with another call RobotStudio, created to optimize RPA management in a more agile way. These platforms allow the implementations of this technology to be reduced by up to 35%, according to company data.

DAPI hopes to help with its infrastructure, experience and knowledge, to reduce the digital divide through establishing models. The idea is that the various productive sectors identify the most effective solutions to enhance their value chains, based on the automation of processes through AI.

In addition, through the alliance with Ruta N, the company expects impact the highest percentage of Colombian talent. Currently 30 engineers make up the development in RPA and AI, but the company hopes to multiply that number in the next 5 years.

Medellín continues to find the momentum to become one of the most important innovation hubs in the country and the region. Through alliances of this type, it not only impacts the technological growth of the country, but also innovation and the export of talent.

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