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Danna Paola responds to the offer of Debanhi Escobar’s father: “it would be an honor” | VIDEO

Mexican singer and actress, Danna Paola reacted this weekend to recent statements by the father of Debanhi Escobarwho wants to make the bioseries about her daughter, a victim of femicide in Mexico, and stated that she would like to see Danna Paola or Belinda play the role of her deceased daughter.

It was in the program “Venga la Alegría”, where Don Mario Escobar pointed out that he would like the series about the femicide of his 18-year-old daughter Debanhi to materialize. a case that filled the entire world with indignation and which to date is still being investigated.

The young woman’s father assured that it would be a great honor if either of the two singers and actresses could participate in this project.

“It would be an honor for any artist to play the role of our daughter. They are well-known artists, but we will touch on that topic later or the producers or the people who are going to do this will touch it.


Following these statements, Danna Paola was questioned about the subject and the Mexican singer considered “an honor” that she has been taken into account for this important project..

“We are in this together”he assured in an interview, while declaring that in the case of Debanhi’s femicide justice has not yet been done.

Danna Paola, 27, highlighted in “Venga la Alegría” that this is a delicate case and that it should be treated with great respect.

“What? Seriously wow, how strong. You know that this case is delicate and he took it with a lot of respect and above all out there, woman, you are not alone, do not remain silent, and what a sister we are in this together and that not one more Mexico and the world, I think it is the only thing what do I have to say”.

In addition, the singer indicated that interpreting the 18-year-old girl would be important if this also contributes to achieving the justice that everyone demands.

“An honor for me that Debanhi’s father thought of that, especially for the justice that still needs to be done in the case”

The Mexican actress indicated that issues as delicate as this must be handled with great respect, especially if they are intended to be captured in television projects such as a bioseries.

“I would love it of course, in the end I think that part of bringing these stories to the screen has to be done with a lot of respect.”

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