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Danna Paola has been drinking for a week and thus responded to criticism: “I’m not worried about my bad reputation” | VIDEO

Danna Paola He never tires of being under public scrutiny, and he made it clear at his recent press conference. Well, there she was questioned about her recent tweet in which she confessed that she had been drinking for a week, for which she responded ironically and openly.

“Yes, seriously, every time I’m composing I drink a little wine or a chelita, because it’s… it’s part of life, right? and besides, obviously there is a drink, there is the promo, it has a lot to do with it. That week I was working on the production of a drink, uh… nothing, I don’t think one should worry”


And it is that on January 22, Danna Paola caused controversy after a tweet in which the Mexican established that she had been drinking for a whole week.

Issue that some interpreted as a warning sign for a possible development of addiction. That he could be unleashed after his constant health problems, such as his constant anxiety attacks.

After clarifying that in reality she had not done it in an excessive way, because for her it is natural to have a glass of wine or a beer when she is composing, without this implying that she falls into a binge. The fans calmed down a bit.

But later he did not like it when he was questioned how he did to avoid falling into excesses. To which Danna Paola was emphatic in emphasizing that she did not consider herself an example for anyone.

Well, her most genuine example is to be herself, this in view of the fact that she has spent a lifetime trying to take care of a perfect image, when this ideal does not really exist.

On this, the interpreter of “Sodio” added that she enjoyed life and that she did not limit herself, just as no one should limit herself.

This of course is in the context of a famous woman who for many years lived repressed by what the media and journalists said about her, a stage that concluded with the release of her latest single.

“I’m not worried about my bad reputation, that’s me, I like to party, I have a drink, I’m producing, I’m working, no, I can’t please everyone. What I enjoy is life and I don’t have to think about what they have to say to me. I am happy, I have a partner, a family, I have a great time”

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