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Danna Paola and the 5 little outfits with which she has set Instagram on fire so far in 2023

Danna Paola.

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

the mexican singer Danna Paola She never fails to give people something to talk about on social networks, either because of her talent in music or because of her stunning outfits. And, just two months after the start of 2023, it has already made headlines thanks to the waste of sensuality that it has generated on social networks.

One of her most active platforms is Instagram, a profile in which the interpreter of “Mala Famam” and “Éxtasis” shares detail by detail about her getaways with friends and family, as well as her looks worthy of the red carpet.

Here we share a recount of the 5 little outfits with which Danna Paola has exuded sensuality so far this year 2023. Enjoy them!

welcome 2023

Like another select group of celebrities, the also actress took a getaway to the beach to receive the year 2023. As a result of her feat, The famous published a photograph in which she is seen posing in a tiny bikini in her most natural facet: with a clean face and without filters.

abdomen of steel

Danna Paola caused a tremendous stir with this simple but daring look that showed her abdomen of steel. It was a shirt that folded up to the waist, as well as a denim skirt in different shades, incredible!

Mischievous look

“Let’s change the rules of the game, and live once and for all as we want,” wrote the ‘Elite’ actress to accompany that publication in which she is seen posing from the floor in one of the looks she has worn for her “Ecstasy” tour ”.

impact session

Another of the photo sessions that sparked a furor on social networks was the one where Danna Paola shared a camera with her partner, also a singer Alex Hoyer. Between laughs and hugs, the couple melted the hearts of their fans with the “honey” they spilled.

between roses…

Last but not least is the postcard where the actress who gave life to “Duckling” brought out her most elegant side by wearing a red tailored suit that highlighted the tanned tone of her skin and brown hair.

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