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Danna García surprises with a brave message against bullying: “Gender violence and bullying cannot be tolerated”

Danna Garcia he opened his heart like never before and uncovered the adverse circumstances he has had to go through in an emotional speech against harassment, intimidation and gender violence. Here we tell you the details!

The protagonist of melodramas such as “Pasión de gavilanes” and “Por amar sin ley” turned to her Instagram account to share a reflection on what she experienced during 2022.

“Last year was an especially emotional year for me,” the TV star admitted in a post. “It ended beautifully, but it took time for me to reconcile what I had been through and do a deep analysis of my position and feelings,” he added.

The carousel of images that shows Danna García posing very smiling in front of the sea and dressed in a bathing suit told a different story about her experiences. “I hadn’t felt ready to do it, I couldn’t talk about it… but she’s past that stage,” she wrote to start her story.

“I just want to tell you that under NO circumstances should we put up with: harassment, intimidation, gender violence, abuse of power, bullying, or defamation. They cannot be tolerated”he asserted forcefully.

However, it was thanks to her courage to speak up and serve as an example to others that helped her overcome this bitter pill. “But I walk with faith that speaking up and telling the truth is always what is right and right. As a woman, as a mother, if my complaint is in my hands to save someone from these practices, I know it will have been worth it. I love them, ”she pointed out.

Although Danna García decided not to delve into the subject, Internet users did not take long to draw their own conclusions and remember the bitter pill that the famous herself remembered in 2020, when she knocked on doors in Hollywood.

“In Los Angeles they did harass me. This race is always made of hard moments that nobody sees. Honestly, that’s why I never wanted to return to live in Los Angeles, ”she recounted on the ‘Sal y Pimienta’ program. “A director told me: ‘You need to be more sensual, you need to show more sensuality when you visit us,’ that is, it wasn’t acting,” he explained.

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