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Danilo Carrera would have delivered an engagement ring to his mysterious girlfriend and congratulations rained down on him

Danilo Carrera might be thinking of take the next step with his mystery girlfriendor at least that was what made hundreds of fans of social networks think that they reacted to a video that looks like a woman’s hand wearing tremendous engagement ringwhich was immediately taken as a confession that caused a shower of congratulations and opinions of all kinds.

After the actress Michelle Renaud will uncover her romance with Matías Novoa and her plans to start a familyDanilo Carrera showed that the love story they lived is a thing of the past, and even revealed that he is also starting an engagement with a woman whom he described as “intelligent” and of “different values”, although avoiding everything give more details about his new partner because he prefers to take care of her and keep this relationship just for him and his family.

However, he broke his own rules by showing off a video on social networks in which you can only see the hand of a woman wearing a jewel that appears to be an engagement, arousing speculation of a possible wedding.

Along with the recording that already exceeds 600,000 reproductions, the song “Golden” by Harry Stylesas well as a text that talks about a feeling that had never gone through his life before.

I can’t find an expression because what I feel for you is more than love and admiration“, it reads, but in English.

He also added the date6/30/2022“, further arousing questions from his fans, who immediately sent him congratulatory messages, while some more assured that it is a preview of a project in which he will participate.

Of course, there was no shortage of those who reminded him of his failed relationship with the actress michelle renaud and the reasons they had to separate in 2021.

“Congratulations my brother. Congratulations. Long live love!”, “This is a sample that he did want a family, but with another person”, “Michelle Renaud is already history”, “I don’t know if it is part of a novel but that ring is beautiful” , “It’s a scene from the novel”, “Showing off the ring that he didn’t give Michelle for everyone to see”, “This little man always makes us jokes”, reads some comments.

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