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Danilo Carrera says he has suffered discrimination for being handsome: “He’s just a pretty face”

Danilo Carrera He has given something to talk about in recent days after assuring that he plans to leave Mexico because he has already done everything and now he wants to attend to his personal projects, but that was not all, since he also confessed that the success he currently enjoys is thanks to his physical appearance, Well, nothing would be the same if he wasn’t so handsome.

The actor of Ecuadorian origin reappeared before the media to confirm that he will move to Miami, Florida, to share time with his family and although he insists on keeping his current relationship private, he left open the possibility of getting married.

However, he also ended up confessing that he appreciates the public’s acceptance, but it has been easy thanks to his “pretty face”.

The controversial confession happened when he was questioned if he had ever suffered discrimination because of his physique, to which he immediately replied that on several occasions he was judged only for his physique.

“Let’s be realistic, I would not have the career that I have if I did not see myself as I see myself, I think that is a reality, but at first people judge you and the first thing they say is: ‘it’s just a pretty face’“, he confessed.

Fortunately, he has also managed to show that he not only has an attractive physique, but also has other qualities.

“Then, when you start acting well and succeeding, it’s ‘he can act.’ Later when you write, they say: ‘He also has talent, he’s creative.’ It happens a lot and men have more advantage in thatbut it happens to women even more,” she explained.

And he rules out that this type of discrimination occurs only in a certain gender, since the same thing has happened to several fellow actresses, who felt identified with him after the scandal that arose in March 2022 when they were about to expel him from Egypt for being handsome.

“I have talked to my colleagues about it when the Egypt thing happened and they told me: ‘I keep fighting with the fact that I am pretty, I cannot be an actress because they tell me that I am blonde…’. It is a stigma, they are things that each one has its attribute. That’s how it happens, but we are more normal than we seem,” he added before the camera of journalist Eden Dorantes.

Later he confessed that he became unfaithful, but he has also enjoyed being in honest relationships.

“I have been unfaithful, of course. But I am going to tell you one thing that has been true, I have also been faithful and I know how to be faithful. There are moments and there are people with whom you are faithful and with whom you are not, “he said.

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