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Danilo Carrera confirms that he is leaving Mexico because he has already done everything: “I can retire on high”

After revealing that he is very much in love and I might even already be engaged, Danilo Carrera confessed that he is ready to move to Miami, FloridaWell, now that he has achieved all his dreams as an actor in Mexico, he is ready to focus on personal projects.

This was announced by the Ecuadorian during a recent meeting with the press, where he clarified that after almost a decade living in Mexico, he has decided to leave the country to start new projects.

I am moving to Miami, I am leaving Mexico after seven years. I have already done everything on Televisa, in Mexico, that is, what else can I do? I’ve already antagonized, I’ve starred, I’ve been in every hour,” she mentioned.

He even let it be seen that he might be thinking of retiring, since he has already fulfilled everything he has proposed and participating in soap operas that are considered the most successful leaves him with great satisfaction.

“If this were my last novel I would retire very happy. I have already won all the awards, we have already been number one in the United States, in all of Latin America, I have already done a concert tour with that novel (The Double Life of Estela Carrillo) and I can retire on a high, ”she added.

He also explained that “it is hitting him a lot” to leave the country that he considers his home and in which he has always been treated very well over the last seven years, since he managed to maintain a career and the acceptance that he never imagined from the public. , which, as if the above were not enough, has also been very well paid.

“Well, since I was 26 years old, starring at 9 at night, taking awards to the 27 who had not won my colleagues of 40 years or with a 25-year career and earning well to go on a trip, enjoy lifehaving love and heartbreak too ”, reiterated the actor.

Likewise, he recently revealed that his decision to travel to Florida was made thinking about the personal projects that he wants to fulfill, and even left between seeing that he could already be happily married.

“I’m going to Miami and I’m staying a while. I have personal projects in Miami, family things. If they already know why they ask. It could be (there was already a wedding), who knows”. she said before the camera of Eden Dorantes.

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