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Danilo Carrera answers why he prefers to hide his new girlfriend: “I’m going to take great care of her”

Danilo Carrera he was questioned once again about his new sentimental partner; but in addition to refusing to share more details about the woman he managed to win his heart after the torrid romance he lived with the actress Michelle Renaud, the Ecuadorian He confessed why he decided to hide his relationship.

It was during a recent meeting with the media, one of them the program ‘Today’, where the actor reiterated that he is very happy and in love, but prefers to keep his sentimental life under absolute discretion. And the reasons are because he wants to keep the information related to his partners for himself and his family.

“Yes, I hide it, Yes, I hide it, it’s something mine, for me, I also learned that you have to leave things for yourself, for the familyand I keep this relationship to myself, I will take great care of it and I will take great care of it, “he said in this regard.

Given the controversy that aroused a few days ago for ensuring that his girlfriend has very different values ​​because it has nothing to do with the world of entertainment, Carrera pointed out that it was not a message for his ex michelle renaudto whom once again he sent his best wishes now that he is very much in love with Matias Novoa.

“I don’t know, the truth is that I don’t follow her either, so I don’t know, but I hope she’s happy, that she’s doing well, and I send her many blessings. At the end of the day they have to look for some news when there is none, I don’t send messages to anyone, I’m not thinking of hurting anyone“, he mentioned.

And he reiterated that currently he is also very happy, happy, and closes the year in a way that he never imagined with a lot of work, since he will return to television screens starring in the TelevisaUnivision soap opera ‘invincible love‘ with Anyelique Boyer.

Finally, the actor confessed that he would like to retire for a while from soap operas to try his luck in his other passion, which is soccer.

“I entered another competition, I love sports and maybe I’ll go back to that, I’m seeing, maybe I’ll go back to football, who knows“, he highlighted.

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