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Daniela Luján revives her rivalry with Belinda and is honest about the Spanish’s attacks on her | VIDEO

Belinda She has shown on more than one occasion that she is one of the most controversial artists, and difficult to deal with for some colleagues in the artistic profession.

And one of his “victims” would be the Mexican actress and singer, Daniela Lujanwho once again relived the most critical moment she experienced with the Spanish, who was very rude to her.

Although the protagonist of “A family of 10” has made it clear that she currently has no problem with the singer and actress, The lawsuit between the two was recently revived, as it revealed that the interpreter of “Angel” is part of her first artistic disappointment.

Luján began her career in 1993 when she was just a girl when she participated in “Plaza Sésamo”, later she was in different telenovelas, but it was with the stars of “Luz Clarita” and “El diario de Daniela”, that her career as a child actress It consolidated.

In an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda, the 34-year-old actress He talked about the alleged enmity he has with Belinda and explained that it is something that the media inventedsince they have not had the opportunity to interact.

However, what he did reveal is that the singer of “Bella treason” was part of his first acting disappointment in an indirect way, because apparently she would be the protagonist of the 2002 soap opera.

“I came home from school one day, and watching a gossip program, Belinda was with the scripts giving an interview that she was going to do the soap opera, I was about 13 or 14 years old and it was like ‘I don’t understand, I don’t understand, how? ‘, I think that was the first disappointment of the artistic medium”


She indicated in the conversation when she remembered that supposedly she was going to be in the role of Silvana and Mariana, characters played by Belindabut not for long, as he later exited the project.

Luján acknowledged that they did not confirm that she would be the protagonist of the children’s soap opera, however, it was very impressive to see the singer of “Sapito” preparing to play the characters.

However, when Belinda, as they affectionately call her, left the story due to her commitments as a soloist, and they called her, she did not hesitate to take up the challenge, which was complicated since she was afraid that people would reject her, but on the contrary she was very successful.

In relation to the supposed “lawsuit” she has had with Belinda since then, Daniela assured that she has no conflict with the actress, in fact, she recognized that she is a talented artist.

Besides, pointed out that it is a “gossip” that the media created, because she does not know her partnerwho currently returned to the stage with the Netflix series, “Welcome to Eden.”

“In life I have spoken ill of Belinda, she seems to me to be a very hard-working, very intelligent, very talented woman, and because of ‘Accomplices to the Rescue’ they wanted to put us against each other, but we don’t even know each other”

The actress assured that she continues to add successes with her character of “Gaby” in the series “Do you believe?”, spin off of “A family of 10”, in which he has been for several years and has managed to conquer the public again with his charisma.

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