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Daniela Luján is honest about the depression she experienced: “I negotiated the date of my death” | VIDEO

Depression and anxiety have become increasingly common conditions among the young population, and the famous Mexican actress, Daniela Lujanwould be proof of this.

This time, the also comedian decided to open her heart and make it known that she has been a victim of these evils, but which have not been able to overcome her, because he is already undergoing treatment to learn to cope with them.

But there was a confession that left more than one frozen, while recounting these emotional problems that he had to face.

In another broadcast of the YouTube show “Envinadas”, Daniela, who was the protagonist of soap operas such as “Luz Clarita”, “El Diario de Daniela”, “Cómplices al rescate”, confessed that at some point she made an agreement with herself, how it would be his death.

Although she had never had the strength to talk about her condition, Daniela remembers that at the beginning of the “Envinadas” project she referred to herself as “a friend’s cousin” when talking about someone who had depressionn, but now he was finally able to speak freely.

Due to the above, Luján confessed for the first time to her friends that she suffers from depression and anxiety, for which she is currently taking medication since at some point she discovered herself having very dark thoughts about herself.

“I woke up one day and said: ‘yeah, gosh, fuck it, I want to die,’ that is, I already had that idea, but I had never planned how, rather not, what I began to negotiate with me It is my date of death itself, that is, like this thing about ‘I can’t die before bacon dies’, it was like a great shock to seek help and that was why I decided to go to the psychiatrist”


Currently, Dani is part of the comedy programs “Una Familia de 10” and “Do you believe?”, in addition to hosting this network program with her friends Mariana Botas and Jessica Segura.

And it is that the actress and singer says that throughout her life she has tried to be “obsessively happy” and this has caused her not to enjoy many things, even those situations that have led her to a duel for which she has not fully brought out her emotions and he has not been able to get the learning that is due to all this.

Fortunately, Daniela Luján says that she is already receiving medication and is being treated by a mental health expert; Before the confession of the actress, her friends and colleagues asked her for forgiveness because sometimes they judged her without knowing the internal battle she was fighting with herself.a.

Finally, Daniela Luján assured that this 2023 her purpose is to enjoy the simplicity of life, since she did not do it for a long time and that is what led her to have dark thoughts.

“My purpose is to keep it simple, today, for example, I bastard enjoyed bathing, that is, it’s like a rebirth, do I explain?”


The actress assured that no one knew about her condition, except her best friend, her boyfriend with whom she lives and one of her sisters, however, the latter found out because she discovered one of the actress’s prescriptions for the medicine.

Now that her colleagues from “Envinadas” and her followers know about it, she feels liberated, so now she will try to enjoy everything beautiful that she has in her life.

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