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Daniela Arenas regrets having kissed Adamari: “I would not have done it in the worst of situations, nor drunk, nor drugged”

“Not even in the worst of situations would I have done it, not drunk, not drugged, not even with a gun to my head”… Daniel Arenas surprised in an Installive, which he did from his Instagram account, on Sunday night, to clarify that he regrets having kissed Adamari López on the mouth on his first day as the presenter of ‘Hoy Día’.

Let’s remember that, a few days ago, just that of his debut as an official driver, In the segment ‘En La Casa de los Famosos Sin Censura’, its presenter, Verónica Bastos, encouraged and insisted that Adamari and Daniel recreate the kiss between Aylín Mujica and Arturo Carmona in a reality garment.

Although they gave it to him, a little bit, and that became a trend, for Arenas it was not a success at all, quite the opposite and he left it reflected in an Installive that he did on Sunday nighthours before starting his first full week on ‘Today’.


Something that happened on my first show, it’s the first and last time I’ll talk about it… Two weeks ago, Telemundo launched ‘the House of Celebrities’, it is a place where celebrities enter and there are a series of activities that lend themselves to fights, controversies, friendships, romances, conflicts, etc., and it is a program that is very strong in the chain and which is talked about in all the programs of the entire channel, including us.”

‘Today’ has a segment at the end, which is called: ‘The House of the Famous Without Censorship’… It turns out that I arrived on the first day of the program, and I had never been in the section, and I had never seen the program, I must confess… Suddenly they start talking to me, and I see in the images a man who had to lick another’s ear, a girl had to kiss another’s buttock, and in some of those they ask an actor to give himself a novel kiss to an actress. The controversy was that they suddenly put their tongues in… I, being in the section, ask to see the image again. At this moment one of the presenters (Verónica Bastos), who was there in the section, says, ‘well, here we have an actress and an actor who show us what a novel kiss is like’… At that moment I was surprised”.

“In my mind I said to myself: ‘Well, I’m going to get rid of the situation by doing something without them kissing’Adamari was an actress until a couple of years ago, I get closer in a gallant attitude, and when I’m going to give her a kiss I pretend to bite. That’s how I felt that I resolved the situation… And suddenly, they insist again with the kiss, at that moment, I tell you from the bottom of my heart, the one who owes nothing fears, I don’t feel bad for saying it, It is the first time that I see myself on screen so disjointed, flattened and out of touch”…

“It occurs to me to say: ‘a kiss from a novel is everything, but without language’, and at that moment, don’t ask me why, A thousand things go through my head, it’s my first day, suddenly they are waiting for me to do one thing, to do another I can swear that I blocked myself and gave Adamari a pick. As soon as this happens, I realize everyone’s reaction and I say to myself; ‘son and mother, what did I do’, let’s go to commercials, I was quiet, I didn’t speakI was in awe all day.”

“What I want to say at this moment is that I did wrong, I did wrong, I resolved the situation in the wrong way, why? Why I was not in a character, nor in a soap opera, nor was I in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, nor was I in controversy, I was simply a presenter of a program that was giving news of another show… The way to solve it was to say: ‘There are girls, I’m not acting, I don’t have to kiss anyone, I’m not in the house of celebrities”… And I was wrong, because I didn’tor it’s cool for the person next to you, to see the person, like Daniel Arenas, kissing another person, that would have been a peakwhich for many people can be something insignificant, for me it is not, and I must say that at that moment I did not know myself”.

“I would tell my parents, my closest people, Not even in the worst of situations would I have done it, not drunk, not drugged, not with a gun to my head, no, I am a person who has always defended his convictions a lot, his way of thinking, I have been in front of people who have tried to distort me, and at that moment I retire. I have always had as my very firm convictions, That day I was wrong, that day I did wrong, and it seems important to me to say it publiclynot because of what was said, not because of the controversy it caused because it was a viral issue.

“I had the opportunity to see some of the comments that they made, some of them quite offensive, which are beside the point, but I do apologize to my partner (Daniella Álvarez) because it is not fair, for her, to see me in a position of presenter giving someone a pick, I apologize because I was wrong as a human being and I think it is important to say it”.

“I want to make it clear that I don’t have an affair with anyone, I have admiration and affection for Adamarijust like the one I have for Penélope, just like the one I have for Andrea, just the same as the one I have for Chickybombon, they are my co-workers, I have respect and admiration for them, I would think that over time we would create a friendship, but I have no other intention with any of them”.

This is how the clarification ended, and then he read the Psalm of Sunday mass that he shared with his parents where, for him, it was a clear sign that he had to give this only explanation and make it clear that, for controversy, they no longer count on him on the show. in the mornings of Telemundo.



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