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Daniel Arenas receives support from his fans by apologizing to his girlfriend Daniella Álvarez

A few days ago it premiered on the show of Telemundo, Todaythe actor Daniel Arenas. In the midst of the good atmosphere that always reigns in the show, several of her companions They asked him and Adamari López to recreate the kiss that their counterparts Aylin Mujica and Arturo Carmona starred in La Casa de los Famosos 3. The discomfort for the Colombian was such that He publicly apologized to his girlfriend Daniella Álvarez. This has made His fans do not stop sending him messages of support.

“From the mistake the success is born, we are human only God is Perfect. Hugs and blessings”, “You’re a gentleman. Hugs”, “That is a man to be wrong and admit it. It is from God”, “Your chivalry is unique, my Dani”, and “This is from a man. My respect…”, were part of the words of support received not only by Daniel Arenas but also by his girlfriend Daniella Álvarez before the controversy of kiss with Adamari Lopez.

Many will wonder what happened days ago, why Daniel Arenas He was criticized on social networks after what happened with his partner on the set of Today. Better still, why the Colombian actor made a live in instagram so long and so heartfelt, initially apologizing to his girlfriend Daniella.

How the kiss between Daniel and Adamari took place

First Daniel Arenas He began by telling what happened previously on the set: “… One of my colleagues says why not recreate the kiss since there were two actors on the set… what I do in a gallant attitude is try to resolve, however later they insist again and at that moment do not ask me why, I blocked myself and gave Adamaris a spike…”.

That day I did wrong. I apologize to my partner because it is not fair for her to see me in a presenting position giving someone a peck at all., so I apologize…”, Daniel said. He also made clear the discomfort he felt when kissing Adamari López just starting to work on the show Today.

I must say that at that moment I did not know myself and I told my parents, my close people, not even in the worst of situations would I have done it. Neither drunk, nor drugged, nor with a gun to his head, nor forced, no, I am a person who has always defended his convictions a lot, has defended his way of thinking a lot ”, while also He apologized to the former Miss Colombia Daniella Álvarez with whom he has a solid relationship.

It should be noted that the actor of “Warrior heart” full responsibility was attributed to the guy who was apologizing: “… I resolved the situation in the wrong way because I was not in a character, nor in a novel, nor in The House of the Famous. I was just a presenter and the way to resolve it was to say no. He was not in character. Because it’s not cool that the person next to you sees that…”.

He also took advantage of the live to rule out any type of rumor that has arisen regarding his partner from Hoy Día, Adamari López: “… I did not commit a sin, I don’t have an affair with anyone. I want to make this clear here, as I said, I am saying it right now, I will never speak of it again…”.

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