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Dani Alves’ wife threw a hard dart at the press: “They are horrible beings”

Joana Sanz in a Custo Barcelona’s Autumn creation.

Photo: BELEN DIAZ/AFP/Getty Images

Joana Sanz has faced hard weeks due to the death of her mother and the arrest of her husband Dani Alves for an alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl. In the midst of all the media exposure to which she is being subjected by this situation, the model launched harsh words against some members of the press whom she classified as “horrible beings”.

Fulfilling one of his work commitments, Sanz went to Madrid to participate in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, also known as the Cibeles catwalk, which is held this Saturday, February 18. There she was rebuked by microphones and cameras that made her angry.

The Canary Islander was dispatched with harsh qualifications for the communication professionals who asked her uncomfortable questions and for which she felt harassed. “To the press that received me, you are horrible human beings,” he said.

The video of the model criticizing the journalists was exposed by the Telecinco medium in the Sálvame program. “I hope you can sleep at night with that conscience,” he said.

Sanz affirmed that the reporters and paparazzi who follow her do so with the aim of hurting her while she only tries to move on. “Empathy does not exist,” he added.

The Brazilian’s wife offered statements for the program ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, which had access to the model’s backstage in the midst of the preparations for the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. There, she assured smiling while pointing to her outfit, that this was her armor.

After Alves’ arrest, the Brazilian changed the chronology of what happened on the night of December 30 at the Sutton nightclub up to four times. Finally, he ended up accepting that he had “consensual” sexual relations with the complainant and lied in his versions to hide his infidelity from his wife.

After this, rumors of the couple’s divorce skyrocketed. However, during a visit by Sanz to the Brians 2 prison, she declared to the media that she would not abandon the South American at the worst moment.

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