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Dani Alves’ wife published an emotional letter on social networks

Joana Sanz walks the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Spring.

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In the midst of the arrest of Dani Alves for an alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl in a Barcelona nightclub, his wife, The model Joana Sanz published an emotional letter on social networks where she vented about the mourning she is going through after the recent death of her mother.

Through his official Instagram account, Sanz accompanied his extensive writing with a video dancing with his mother.

“Our last dance. It hasn’t been the best because a fucking tumor hasn’t allowed us, but I’ll keep your gaze engraved in my heart forever. Until your last breath you sang with me what I sang to you as a child: Mother of the dear soul, on my chest I carry a flower. Do not care what color she has because in the end you are the mother of a flower ”, reads the first part of the post.

“Your love is my good mother. In my life you have been and will be the refuge of all my sorrows and the cradle of love and truth. And although loves I have in life that fill me with happiness, like yours never my mother, like yours I will not find. I love you to infinity and beyond,” she concluded.

Added to the heavy blow of this loss, weeks later was the arrest of her husband for allegedly raping and beating a young woman in the bathrooms of the Sutton nightclub on December 30.

The couple has been embroiled in strong divorce rumors. However, a few days ago Sanz visited Alves for the first time in the Brians 2 prison, where he is in pretrial detention, and upon his release he clarified to the press that he would not leave the player alone at his worst.

In her social networks she has been very active and has even asked her more than 900,000 followers on Instagram not to judge her. “Don’t punish me or judge me if you see me dance or smile, I’m just trying to heal my wounds in my own way, the way that does me good, the way my mother would like.”

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