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Dani Alves shares in prison with Ronaldinho Gaucho’s former bodyguard

Dani Alves, Brazilian soccer player who is currently in preventive detention.

Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA/AFP/Getty Images

Dark days are turning for the footballer Daniel Alveswho is in Spain behind bars preventively accused of having sexually abused and assaulted a woman the night of January 30.

While his new team of lawyers, led by the Spanish-Venezuelan Cristóbal Martell, continues to fight for better conditions while the judicial process takes place and while he awaits the trial to begin, the former player for Pumas de la UNAM has had to get used to a prison (Brians 2) in which share spaces with prisoners already sentenced.

Now it has been revealed that Dani Alves has a curious cellmate, an old acquaintance for the Brazilian. It is about a prisoner who in the past He was part of the security team of also retired Brazilian star Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The respected Spanish outlet La Vanguardia revealed that this man also served as a door guard at some of the parties that Ronaldinho organized in his time at FC Barcelona, ​​which Dani Alves attended on more than one occasion when he played for Sevilla. .

Nicknamed as ‘Coutinho’, Ronaldinho’s former bodyguard is also part of the soccer team in prisonof which Alves was already a part this weekend.

Dani Alves is “solid and serene”

Dani Alves’ lawyer, Cristóbal Martell, assured in recent days that his client remains “solid in his speech” and also in a calm attitude in the face of the difficult situation he is going through that could even end his marriage.

Martell added that the Brazilian was willing to hand over his passport as a sign that he does not plan to leave Spanish territory. Too Steps are being taken for Dani Alves to be released on provisional release since in his opinion the risk of flight seems “non-existent”.

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