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Dani Alves could face a long sentence for his alleged case of sexual abuse

In the last month it has caused a lot of commotion controversial case of Dani Alves and his alleged crime of sexual assault carried out in a nightclub in Spain during the month of December. The Brazilian’s career hit rock bottom and the sentence would remove him once and for all from the courts.

Dani alves is currently being held in the Brians 2 jail which is near Barcelona. The Brazilian soccer player is accused of the crime of sexual assault during the past December holidays. The complainant’s evidence have been enough to keep the former FC Barcelona player behind bars and under investigation.

The Prosecutor’s Office continues with the procedure on the case of the La Canarinha player. It is estimated that a resolution will be reached before the summer and the reports do not favor the Brazilian.

According to information collected by Herald Sportsaccording to him Article 179 of the Criminal Code, the crime of sexual assault would be punishable by 4 to 12 years in prison. But occasionally the case of Dani Alves would be around a punishment among the 8 and 10 yearsthis in case the court rules that the victim would have been forced and assaulted, as indicated by some versions.

Dani Alves belonged to Pumas de la UNAMbut after the alleged case of sexual assault was made public the mexican team made the decision to break away from the brazilian player.

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