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Dani Alves case: The judge offers a friend of the victim to denounce Alves for allegedly having touched her private parts

The judge investigating former Barcelona player Dani Alves for allegedly raping a young woman at the Sutton nightclub from this city has offered to denounce him for sexual assault by touching one of the two friends who accompanied her, after both assured that he also groped them.

The two girls who accompanied the victim -a cousin and a friend- have testified this Friday as witnesses before the head of the investigating court number 15 in Barcelona, ​​in an appearance in which they have endorsed the complainant’s version.

Both witnesses have ratified before the judge what they already declared to the Mossos d’Esquadra and have confirmed that, before taking the complainant to the bathroom where the sexual assault allegedly occurred, The soccer player also approached them with obvious sexual intent.

According to what they have told the magistrate, the Brazilian soccer player approached one of the young women and put his arms around her waist, while the other came to touch her private parts, which, they have specified, made them feel “uncomfortable”.

In the course of the statement, the examining magistrate has recalled the young woman who was touched in her private parts that she has the possibility of reporting the facts, which the witness has rejected so as not to minimize the relevance of the serious sexual assault, which her friend suffered.

The two witnesses have also corroborated the complainant’s version of what happened before and after the alleged sexual assault.which occurred on the night of December 30 in a private bathroom in a private room at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona.

According to his version, when they were conversing with a group of young people at a table near the private area where Alves was having drinks with a friend, a waiter approached them to tell them that some “gentlemen” wanted to invite them to cava in that private area, to which they ended up agreeing after initially rejecting the offer.

Once in the private room, they were chatting with Alves and his friend – at which point the footballer allegedly groped them-, after which the investigated went to the door that connected to the private bathroom and, from there, gestured for the victim to come closer.

According to the witness’s account, they did not imagine that this door led to a private bathroom. -they came to think that it gave access to a space where one could smoke-, so when one of them needed to go to the bathroom, she went to the generals, located on a lower floor than the reserved ones.

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