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Dani Alves case: Police would have collected semen samples in the bathroom of the disco

Patrol of the Mossos d’Esquadra in Barcelona after the arrest of Dani Alves last Friday.

Photo: Enric Fontcuberta / EFE

This Tuesday new details of the case of sexual assault against Dani Alves have been revealed. According to information from The worldthe Mossos d’Esquadra (Barcelona Police) would have collected traces of semen, presumably from the player, in the bathroom where the events supposedly took place.

According to the information, the authorities went to the Sutton nightclub after receiving the complaint and after having activated the protocol against sexual crimes. Excerpts from the complainant’s statement have been released in recent days.

Apparently, the alleged victim told the Police that after allegedly being abused by Alves and having ejaculated, he noticed that there was a stain on the floor, although he specified that “he could not confirm 100% that it was semen.”

Another of the findings by the security forces were the woman’s footprints in various parts of the cubicle and the sink. The young woman would have detailed in her chronology the position in which she was allegedly abused.

Citing the information offered by El Mundo, the agents keep these remains waiting for the Examining Court number 15 of Barcelona to order a test to compare that sample with the Brazilian’s DNA.

The pertinent authorities received from the complainant a medical report and the clothes she was wearing on December 30. This with the aim of analyzing the possible biological remains found there.

This Tuesday it was also learned that one of the alleged victim’s companions claimed to have been violently groped by the player, who has been detained since last Friday for contradictions in his statement.

To these indications and the different versions of Alves that finally led him to admit that there was sexual intercourse, it is added that the establishment’s security cameras would confirm that the footballer was sharing with the three women and would have been locked in the bathroom with one of them. them for at least 15 minutes.

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