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Dani Alves believes that he will continue to be detained “unfairly”, according to a partner in prison

Dani Alves during a match with Pumas de la UNAM in Mexico.

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From the Brians 2 prison they have revealed that Dani Alves believes that he will continue to be detained thanks to the fact that the complainant renounced financial compensation, a decision which he considers harmful. The “Ana Rosa Program” was in charge of contacting a fellow prisoner of the Brazilian in this detention center, who gave details about the day-to-day life of the soccer player in prison and his feelings regarding the case.

Although the source assured that the South American speaks very little about what he is accused of, every time he can, he claims to be innocent of everything.. “He doesn’t talk much, but what he says is that he hasn’t abused anyone or hit anyone. And that if the girl hadn’t wanted to, he wouldn’t have wanted to do it. That he did not force anyone.

“He believes that he will continue inside. Now when the girl has said that she doesn’t want money or anything either, well that affects her. But he thinks he shouldn’t be in there and he doesn’t feel good in there.” added the inmate whose identity was not disclosed.

Likewise, Alves would be almost adapted during his stay in prison, since he usually gives food to some colleagues and provides support. “He helps where he can. Buy people things to eat and all that stuff. Help and invite. He tries to go unnoticed and is very nice to people. He is not a star. There are officials who dance the water for him and there are others who are happy to have him there.

Next week the fate of the appeal filed by the player’s defense will be known. The soccer player must remain in prison for at least seven more days until the Spanish courts determine whether he can be released until trial or not.

According to the program ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ on the Antena 3 network, the problem lies in the fact that the authorities consider that there is a high risk of escape if they release him. “The fear of letting him go is in case he runs away,” explained journalist Carlos Quílez.

However, and according to ‘La Vanguardia’, Hispanic lawyer Cristóbal Martell considers that the victim did not have vaginal lesions or injuries compatible with rape.

Alves has been in pretrial detention and awaiting trial since January 20 for allegedly having raped and beaten a young woman on the night of December 30 at the Sutton nightclub. If you confirmed his guilt, he could be sentenced to between four and 12 years in prison.

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