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Damaged hair? Find out what to do to get it back!

Coloring, sun exposure, lack of time… Does your hair feel damaged, fragile and brittle? We’ve collected the best tips.

It’s when summer goes by that many of us start to realize how damaged, damaged and brittle our hair is. Indeed, excessive coloring, abuse of the dryer, flat irons and other styling tools, UV rays, chlorine and sea water are factors that contribute greatly to dull, fragile and lifeless hair. And all we don’t want is a damaged hairright?

If at this point you are thinking that your hair is like this, weak, brittle and with an unhealthy frizzy look, you have come to the right place. We’ve put together the best tips and products to restore hair and restore vitality.

After all, who is the woman who doesn’t want beautiful, shiny hair?

7 foolproof tips to say goodbye to damaged hair


Invest in a suitable shampoo

When hair is severely damaged, it is very important that you choose a shampoo specifically for damaged hair.

In fact, it is currently possible to find specific shampoos on the market for hair damaged by the sun or by coloring, for example, to “attack” the problem at its source. You will see that using the right shampoo will make a huge difference in the health of your strands.


Beware of aggressive washes

Washing your hair is essential, as we all know. But did you know that if your hair is very damaged you should wash it carefully and with gentle movements?

We explain: when washing avoid sudden movements, opting instead for delicate movements using your fingertips. The goal is not to damage the hair fiber any more than it already is.

Don’t forget that, equally important, is that washing is done with a suitable shampoo. So that shampoo residues do not accumulate on the scalp during washing, mix the shampoo with water before applying it to the hair.

And, of course, never wash your hair with water that is too hot. In fact, when we wash our hair at high temperatures we are destroying a layer of natural fat that naturally protects the strands. Rather, wash your hair with lukewarm, almost cold, water.


Don’t miss out on deep hydration

Deep hair hydrations are excellent allies for stronger and longer hair. Therefore, whether at home or at the hairdresser, it is very important that you apply, at least twice a week, a mask specific to the condition of your hair.

Hair hydration restores the natural moisture of the hair strands, which will allow them to become stronger and healthier. Everything we need when damaged hair is a reality.


Get a hair plastic surgery

If your hair is severely damaged, it is highly advisable to have a hair plastic surgery. The treatment consists of the replacement of nutrients and keratin in the hair fiber, responsible for the health and shine of the hair.

So, if you want to say goodbye to damaged hair and make it stronger, go to your trusted hairdresser and find out about this treatment (which should only be carried out by professionals).

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Bet on a hair schedule

The capillary schedule consists of a care routine for damaged hair that includes three main treatments: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction that must be interspersed.

Consequently, each treatment step offers a specific solution to make hair stronger and healthier. So, ask your trusted hairdresser to help you make a hair schedule according to your hair needs, and say hello to strong and healthy strands.


Use and abuse of hair moisturizing oils

Hair oils are also essential for anyone who wants to have silky, beautiful and healthy hair. It’s just that, the oils contain active principles that help to hydrate, nourish and repair the structure of the hair strands.

And even if your hair is oily, it’s important that you don’t dispense with oils. After a week of use you can see how your hair is more beautiful and shiny.


Don’t forget the conditioner

If it is true that the use of moisturizing hair masks are essential for beautiful and healthy hair, it is also true that the conditioner is equally important. In fact, it is responsible for sealing the hair cuticles, thus allowing the hydration offered by the mask to be effective. Again, both the conditioner and the mask should be chosen according to the condition of your hair.

Now that you know what to do to finally say goodbye to damaged hair, we show you 4 products that can really be excellent allies in this mission.


Kérastase Extentioniste Shampoo

kerastase shampoo

Shampoo to make hair strong

We have already told you above about the importance of betting on a shampoo suitable for damaged and damaged hair. This one, from Kérastase, is fortifying and, as it is enriched with Creatine R (an active complex formulated to increase hair resilience and elasticity) and Taurine (an amino acid that promotes a healthy scalp), it provides stronger and more repaired hair from source.


Kérastase Serum Extentioniste

kerastase serum

restructuring serum

In the same line as the shampoo, the Extentioniste serum is also recommended to give strength to severely damaged hair. In addition to restoring the hair fiber cuticles, this serum is composed of active ingredients that stimulate the growth of healthy and resistant hair follicles. In other words, the result is a healthier scalp and hair full of strength.


Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Mask

shu uemura mask

deep repair mask

The Shu Uemura hair products are well known for their effectiveness and that’s why we had to include this mask in our list. In addition to providing a deep repair to the hair, it leaves it stronger and shinier, working from growth to ends.

morocanoil hair oil

Nourishing hair oil

We have already explained to you above the importance of using hair oils and this one, from Moroccanoil, has argan oil in its composition. Thus, the hair is hydrated in depth, making it healthier, softer and without split ends.

Ready to say goodbye to damaged hair?

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