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Cute puppy eye makeup trend you need to know

Another trend of Korean beauty has been found! The cat eye makeup we’re all familiar with is taking a back seat and giving way to a hot new trend for puppy eyes with eyeliner! What is it and why this makeup trend has already won the love of many, let’s find out!

What is dog eyeliner?

Puppy eye makeup with eyeliner came from Korea and has already become very popular. You may have already seen this makeup on social media as it is the favorite look of many makeup artists and beauty bloggers. Cat eye makeup got a new shape, changed and became less aggressive and cuter – this eyeliner application technique is called “puppy eye”.

When starting eye makeup, it is necessary to take into account such an important factor as the natural shape of the eyes. Only by choosing the right makeup technique will you be able to bring out the best features of your face.

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How is the puppy makeup with eyeliner?

Long ago we learned to do seductive cat eye makeup, making eyes expressive. Meanwhile, in Asia, girls practiced to make straight and even droopy eye lines. The result was puppy eye makeup!

This technique, especially in combination with the big, round eyes, really resembles the big, fluffy eyes of a puppy. How to do this makeup and is it easy? Let’s explore!

How do you make dog eyes?

A falling wing can be done with eyeliner, eyeliner pencil or eyeshadow. This line doesn’t have to be super thin. You can choose the wing thickness based on what is right for you.

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Doing puppy eye makeup is quite easy, especially if you have long mastered the cat eye makeup technique and know how to skillfully handle eyeliner. It’s very simple: you just try to cover the entire circumference of the eye with the eyeliner – emphasizing both the lower and upper lids, and for the outer corner of the eye, draw a cute little wing.

Mascara is gently applied to the lashes in the inner corners and central part of the eye to the beginning of the outer drooping part. The lashes in the outer corner are usually not painted, but if the length of the lashes allows you to curl them, you can, on the other hand, apply mascara to the upper lashes.

Also, if desired, darken the corner of the lower eyelid, shade with eyeliner and make sure to blend it out. The eyeliner should flow smoothly into the lower lid, creating a “cloud” at the outer corner of the eye. Dog eyes are ready! This type of makeup makes the look very cute.

As you can see, puppy eye makeup is a really great and easy makeup technique, and it’s also a great alternative to old-fashioned eye wings! It’s a different eyeliner technique that makes the look so cute and sweet – in short, keeping the best traditions of today’s fashion.

Hope you managed to do puppy eye makeup again with these tips!

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