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Custom cabinets with LED lighting

The correct lighting is fundamental to enhance the aesthetics of the house and make the spaces more functional. It increases the visibility of rooms, provides visual comfort and also takes care of making the first impression.

Modern cabinets are gaining an internal lighting system. (Photo: Disclosure)

When renovating or building a residence, residents usually think about the ideal light for the living room, bedroom, entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, service area, among other environments. However, other items are increasingly in need of specific lighting, such as the planned closet🇧🇷

What this article covers:

Light up custom cabinets

The planned closet is a perfect piece of furniture for the single or double bedroom. It has a structure that adapts to the size of the space and offers conditions for storing clothes, shoes and accessories. One way to see what’s inside the closet more easily is to bet on a strategic lighting🇧🇷

THE led light can be installed on closet interior, thus providing more clarity to evaluate the mobile content. The most suitable products for creating this system are LED lighting strips.

THE led lighting strip It is a flexible, self-adhesive material that is ideal for applying to narrow surfaces. It is usually sold in rolls and requires a driver, that is, a power supply that will stabilize the voltage coming from the electrical network.

Some systems allow you to change the color of the light. (Photo: Disclosure)

LED strips are capable of produce lights in different colors, which can be adjusted with a remote control. The resident can, for example, innovate their sensations when opening the closet mixing cold white light with warm white. Some tapes are so complete and surprising that they come with presence sensors.

THE LED strip installation it can be done not only in the bedroom closet, but also in the kitchen, bathroom and office. In this way, the resident will enjoy a focused light and without spending so much energy.

In addition to lighten custom cabinets, LED lighting strips also have other uses in decoration. They brighten up stairs, can be used in plaster moldings and act as decorative elements.

LED lighting strip. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Ribbons and their components cannot withstand heavy loads.

• It is essential to hire qualified labor to install LED strips.

• It is important to choose a good place inside the cabinet to place the driver.

• LED lighting is advantageous because it does not alter fabric colors like other types of lamps.

• If the tape is installed in the kitchen or bathroom, it must be protected from splashing water.

• The Signcomplex brand has multiple product options to ensure cabinet interior lighting🇧🇷

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