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Curtains for a double bedroom: models, how to choose

Curtains are important to make the room more cozy. They offer privacy, darken the environment so you can sleep better or not wake up with the sun hitting the window, in addition to, in some cases, helping to make the room warmer. At double bedroom curtains they are varied and to decide which model is the best, you should think about how your home decor is and match the curtain with the elements of the room.

Curtains can be darker to make the room darker (Photo: publicity)

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Curtains for a double bedroom: models

Before buy curtain for couple, the couple themselves must decide which piece will be most suitable and contribute to the choice. Anyone who wants to vary, or cannot agree on the best curtain for the room, and has money to spare, can buy more than one and vary according to the bedding, rugs or other elements of the room.

The light color leaves the room with a cleaner look (Photo: disclosure)

You double bedroom curtain designs they are varied and can be straight and with a loop, English pleat with a loop or male pleat with a loop, wave pleat with a loop, straight with an eyelet or even an American pleat and a loop. Before purchasing, you should measure the length from the wall and window to the floor, so that the curtain is the right size. Curtains can be shorter, ideal for places where there is a piece of furniture located under the window. There are also long models, which descend from the ceiling and can drag up to 4 cm on the floor.

Also combine with the decor and colors of the room (Photo: disclosure)

How to choose the best curtain for a bedroom

With regard to curtain fabrics for couples there are several options. Thicker fabrics such as polyester, velvet, twill and denim can make the room darker and prevent people from seeing through the window. Light fabrics such as cotton lace, crepe, voile and organza can be used with a lining that will make the room darker at certain times.

You can also order the custom-made curtain to harmonize with other items in the room (Photo: publicity)

At curtain colors for couples they also vary according to personal taste and the decoration of the environment. The lighter shades allow for a greater variety of combinations and make the environment lighter and wider. Options are beige, traditional white, nude and light grey. Shades such as brown, green, lilac, red and pink must be chosen carefully to suit the decor and not make the room look smaller or too sober.

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Models of Curtains for Bedroom

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