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Curtain models to block light

The curtains are responsible for giving a final touch to the room decoration🇧🇷 They leave the area with a more comfortable atmosphere and contribute to the daily lives of residents in many ways.

Curtains control the entry of light and ensure privacy. (Photo: Disclosure)

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What this article covers:

Curtain: an aesthetic and functional item

THE choice of curtain recognizes several factors, such as the predominant style in the decoration, the proposal of the environment, the budget and the needs of the residents. By making a mistake in the purchase, the person can waste money and still compromise the aesthetic result.

In addition to assuming an aesthetic character in the decoration of a room, the curtain also stands out for being an extremely functional item. When well chosen, it prevents excessive light and dust from entering. The ideal model is also capable of reinforcing the privacy of the house🇧🇷

The feeling of comfort provided by curtains varies according to the occasion. For example, if residents are experiencing a summer season, they can make the environment cooler by using pieces made with light and bright fabrics. On the other hand, if it is the height of winter, it is more appropriate to work with heavy curtains in warm colors to warm up the home.

Suggestions for curtains that block out light

The light blocking curtain is ideal for the TV room. (Photo: Disclosure)

At curtains able to block out light help compose a more cozy environment and increase privacy. They are perfect for the TV room, as they reduce glare and improve the feeling of watching a movie or program.

A good suggestion from curtain to darken the room it’s the blackout. In addition to cutting light, the model also reduces external noise and has the ability to protect furniture from the sun🇧🇷 The effect provided by the blackout curtain is the typical ‘cinema dark’.

At blackout curtains they are discreet and, therefore, more easily found in neutral colors. Due to the associated technologies, the model may end up being more expensive than the conventional one.

In addition to the bedroom and home theater, the blackout curtain also usually has its functionality explored by photography studios, laboratories and hospital rooms. The piece chosen must, first of all, recognize the needs of the space and value the dimensions of the window.

There are curtains that better control the entry of light. (Photo: Disclosure)

not always the use of a dark curtain it is feasible to reduce the brightness of an environment. The piece causes the feeling that the space is smaller and can also overload the decor.

Who wants to block the light of an environment using a curtain model Conventional should not give up lining. This separately made element prevents excessive sun.

The quest for greater control in light regulation causes many residents to replace the curtains with blinds. These modern pieces are made with PVC, aluminum, bamboo, among other types of materials.

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