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Curious models of showers: photos

The shower is an essential item in the bathroom. It guarantees a pleasant temperature for the water, both in the cold and in the winter. In recent times, new shower models are invading the market to innovate the showering experience.

Spiral shower. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Curious models of showers

Several elements can transform the shower into a different and curious piece, such as design, waterjet power, portability and functionality. The new appliances recognize technological advances and hope to increase the comfort of residents when it comes to bathing.

Check below some curious models of showers🇧🇷

Showers with different shapes
To conquer the preference of modern consumers, some shower manufacturers are betting on a differentiated design. They have already released square, flower-shaped and even spiral pieces. Aesthetics also end up influencing the way the water jet is released.

chromotherapy shower
This shower has lights that change the color of the water jet according to the temperature. The equipment also explores chromotherapy to ensure a more relaxing bath.

Chromotherapy shower. (Photo: Disclosure)

Shower with multiple jets
With 18 water outlets, this shower is practically a human car wash. The user can adjust the settings according to the needs of his bath, being able to increase or decrease the water pressure.

inverted shower
In this model of shower, the water flows upwards, giving the impression of being inside a fountain. The system works on a round platform, which releases 16 fine jets for the bath.

portable shower
The portable shower is a perfect product for those who usually go camping or carry out activities in the middle of nature. It is capable of storing 10 liters of water, which allows you to take a delicious 7-minute shower.

folding shower
Anyone looking for portability will definitely be interested in the folding shower. The equipment allows you to shower in a small environment without compromising the limited space.

Egg shower. (Photo: Disclosure)

Egg design shower
With an irreverent and curious design, the egg-shaped shower offers all the elements a relaxing bath needs: a good jet of water, low light and a bathtub.

shower with aquarium
This shower model has a real aquarium installed on one of its walls. In this way, the resident can take a bath in the company of the little fish.

Photos of curious showers

Look photos of the curious showers mentioned in the text and many others:

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