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Cult series would not be included in the plan with Netflix ads • ENTER.CO

What is promised is debt, the plan with Netflix ads has reached some countries, starting with Mexico. Of course, the new subscription has caused quite a few critics in favor and others against. However, what has caught the attention of users the most is that the most iconic Netflix series are not included in the plan with ads.

Among the series that have been stolen are: Breaking Bad, The Crown, Cobra Kai, How Get Away with Murder (lessons of crime), Grey’s Anatomy, among others. As reported by our colleagues at the Wall Street Journal, the series would not be included in the subscription with ads since Netflix is ​​still in negotiations. In order to show the ads in the productions, the platform must have the permissions of the corresponding studios.

According to several US media, Netflix has not yet concluded the agreement with five major production companies in the seventh art industry. Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros and Lions Gate Entertainment would be the production companies that have not signed an agreement with the platform. The worrying thing about the situation is that the plan with announcements will reach more regions tomorrow, November 3.

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If Netflix does not manage to close the agreements today, the catalog that will reach countries like Spain would present (many) cuts. This, of course, is a shot in the foot for the company, since many users will not want to access the plan with ads due to the poor catalog. In fact, according to a study carried out by the media agency Omnicom Media Group, the new Netflix formula is far from seducing the crowds at the moment. In fact, 45% of those surveyed resist the arrival of ads on Netflix.

It should be remembered that the ads will last between 4 and 5 minutes per hour. Users will have to watch them between 15 and 30 seconds before and during the transmission of a series or movie. In addition, they will have to settle for a maximum definition of HD 720p. Finally, it will be impossible to download movies and series to watch offline.

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