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Cuban Randy Arozarena explains the reasons why he will represent Mexico in the World Classic

Randy Arozarena in Mexico’s warm-up game against the Rockies.

Photo: Chris Coduto/Getty Images

Cuban Randy Arozarena is a few days away from debuting with Mexico in the World Baseball Classicol and thus fulfill the promise he made to his beloved Aztec nation.

The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder has been constantly questioned about his decision, to which he has been clear and has expressed that feels deep gratitude to Mexico for having extended its hand after he deserted his native Cuba.

This was what I wanted, to represent the country that gave me the opportunity to play baseball as I am currently doing.“Said the left patrolman in an interview with the media Excelsior.

Mexico welcomed me with open arms, the people gave me their love and the opportunity. What remains for me is to be able to answer them by playing ball, how to do it“, pointed out the man born in Havana.

Despite the fact that in this Classic, the organization gave Cuba the go-ahead to register Major League players, Arozarena preferred to wear the colors of Mexico.

In addition, Arozarena had to be nationalized, since in other cases there were no problems because there are players sons of Mexican parents. “Look at me, I am another Mexican, I do not sit here. This coexistence can only be found in a team that is going for great things“, he pointed out.

For now, everything points to Randy Arozarena starting in manager Benjamín Gil’s lineup, along with other Bigleaguers who hope to take Mexico far in the World Classic.

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