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Crypton Credit Card – Is It The Perfect Credit Card For You?

Have you heard of the Crypton credit card? If not yet, come find out why it might be the best option for you. In this post you will know how to apply for the Crypton card and what its advantages are!

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What is Crypton Credit Card?

The Crypton credit card is from the company, which is a broker specializing in cryptocurrencies. This credit card has a VISA flag and allows the conversion of cryptocurrencies to reais. It is available both in Brazil and in the United States, in Australia, in some European countries and in part of Asia.

What are the advantages of Crypton credit card?

In addition to the Crypton credit card allowing the conversion of cryptocurrencies to reais, it also brings other advantages to its users.

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The card can be used worldwide, offers cashback of up to 8%, has no annuity or fees, allows discounts and refunds on streaming services (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify).

The card also provides discounts on Airbnb, the customer can access VIP lounges at airports, in addition to the accessibility it offers, since you can access all the necessary information through the application or website.

How to apply for Crypton credit card?

The Crypton credit card application can be done online and completely free of charge, which is great for the customer.

To do so, simply download and enter the application (which is available for Android and IOS), register and confirm your identity and address afterwards. Once this is done, it is already possible to buy cryptocurrencies and request your card.

Who can apply for the Crypton credit card?

Anyone can request the card through the application, however, it is necessary that the card has held for 180 days some amount in CRO, the digital currency of So you need to pay attention to this before issuing your credit card, as it will only be validated after the aforementioned CRO period.

How should I use the Crypton credit card?

The Crypton card can be used in all physical or virtual stores that accept the VISA flag🇧🇷 It is worth mentioning that when using it in some streams and specific places, the customer gets discounts, cashbacks and even refunds. In this way, using the card in these places can become more advantageous!

Why Choose Crypton Credit Card?

Of course, many people may still feel insecure when choosing this credit card, as it is a relatively new product on the market, just like cryptocurrencies.

Although is not a Brazilian company and does not have specialized support in Brazil, there is no doubt that the company is safe and reliable, and the fact that it is spread around the world already shows this.

Why Choose Crypton Credit Card

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With the Crypton credit card, you can use the various advantages mentioned above, in addition to being able to enter the universe of cryptocurrencies in a more practical way, since there is still a certain fear in this market. With the Crypton card it is still possible to withdraw money, which can be seen as a great advantage.

The Crypton credit card is undoubtedly an excellent option for those who want to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies and have greater security in relation to what will be invested.

The fact that the limits granted are great, the daily and monthly transfer limit is high and the fees present on it are low, ends up reinforcing the fact that this card is a great option. Did you like to know the Crypton card? Don’t waste time and already request yours!

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