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“cryptocurrencies are worth nothing” • ENTER.CO

Although Bill Gates is one of the first to dabble in technology, his current views on it are not very positive. During an Ask Me Anything or Ask me what you want session on Reddit, the businessman mentioned that he considers digital currencies to be worthless.

On May 19, in the Reddit session, Bill Gates spoke on the subject when a user asked about “Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies”; To the question, the creator of Microsoft replied: “I don’t have any. I like to invest in things that have value” being reluctant to the subject.

“I like to invest in things that add value. The value of companies is based on how well they make great products. The value of cryptocurrencies is just what someone else decides someone else will pay for it, so it doesn’t add anything to society like other investments,” Gates argued.

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But this is not the first time that Bill Gates has referred to cryptocurrencies in a negative way. In March 2021, the billionaire reported that he found the amount of energy that Bitcoin consumes very unfortunate. However, there are reports that cryptocurrency mining is mainly done with green and renewable energy.

Although Bill Gates is not in favor of cryptocurrencies and refuses to invest in them, other billionaires in the technology sector do bet on these currencies. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, is one of the entrepreneurs who has been most supportive of virtual currencies, even he is the godfather of Dogecoin, one of the most purchased cryptocurrencies.

Another clear example is the billionaire Tim Cook, CEO of Apple who has repeatedly spoken in favor of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it is known that the businessman has also invested in the currency Ethe and Bitcoin in a personal capacity.

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