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Cruz Azul falls at the home of Mazatlán and suffers its first defeat in the Tuca Ferretti era

Ricardo Ferretti Tuca, Technical Director of Cruz Azul.

Photo: Alejandro Avila / Imago7

Cruz Azul was defeated by Mazatlán at the El Kraken stadium with a score of 3-1this way The Machine suffers the first defeat in the era of Ricardo “Tuca” Ferretti and sees an important streak that came with a total of three consecutive victories cut short.

Those led by Tuca Ferretti took the lead on the scoreboard at minute 17 of the game, through Uriel AntunaUntil then, everything seemed to be going down the street of the cement workers, but nevertheless it was not going to be like that and those led by Rubén Omar Romano knew how to have the necessary patience to be able to turn the game around.

it was like that at minute 48, Néstor Vidrio placed equality for the eleventh gunboat who came to this match in the basement and therefore, urgently needed to add three, which is why they were not going to miss the opportunity in their stadium and in front of their fans.

Subsequently, at 51 almost starting the second half, Roberto Meraz placed the second score for a purple squad that managed to turn the result in the face of Tuca Ferretti who was observing the situation incredulous.

But the violets did not want to leave doubts and were willing to give Tuca the first defeat as coach of Cruz Azul. Quickly at minute 57, Facundo Ezequiel Almada placed the third goalso much so that it would be definitive on the scoreboard.

This way, Tuca Ferretti suffered his first defeat at the command of Cruz Azuland the light-blues see a streak of three games without defeat broken, including the debut of the Brazilian coach in charge of the team.

In this way, Cruz Azul remains in box 12 of the Closing Tournament of the MX League with a total of 10 points and Mazatlán, despite the victory, continues in last place but now has a total of four points.

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