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Crunchyroll reveals the actor who will be the new voice of Gohan for Latam • ENTER.CO

Dragon Ball has already chosen its new Gohan, who presents us with his voice in the first dubbed trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes.

Well, nostalgia is always reason enough to go see a Dragon Ball movie in theaters, especially with this franchise being one of the few exceptions in which it is socially accepted to see the version in Latin Spanish. After all, in Latin America we love our Dragon Ball Z dubbing and the iconic voices of characters like Gohan, Goku or Vegeta.

This film, however, presented a challenging and sad moment. Last year we said goodbye to Luis Alfonso Mendoza, who for years lent his voice to Gohan. The question for many was who would be the person selected to replace him and, surely, play the Saiyan in Dragon ‘Ball Super: SUPERHERO’ (‘Ball Super: Superhero’), the next versions of the anime that arrive dubbed in our region.

The new trailer for the film, shared by Crunchyroll, has confirmed that Luis Manuel Ávila will be the person in charge of playing Gohan for the film. The choice of the actor is a surprise, because his experience dubbing series and especially anime is quite short (with one of his few credits being the voice of Cerberus in Saint Seiya Lost Canvas.

In addition to this, the company shared the aforementioned trailer (found at the beginning of this article), along with the rest of the cast, which is mainly composed of the legends behind the voices of Dragon Ball Z such as Mario Castañeda, Carlos Segundo and René Garcia.

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– Son Gohan played by Luis Manuel Avila

– Son Goku played by Mario Castaneda

– Son Goten played by Victor Ugarte

– Piccolo played by Charles Second

– Bulma played by Rocio Garcel

– Vegeta played by Rene Garcia

– Krillin played by Edward Garza

– Trunks played by Serge Bonilla

– Videl played by Carol Vazquez

– Bread performed by circe moon

– Dr. Hedo played by Miguel Angel Ruiz

– Gamma 1 performed by Mark Winslow

– Gamma 2 played by Alan Fernando Velazquez

– Magenta played by Octavio Rojas

– Carmine played by Beth Castillo

The film will be in theaters on August 18 in different theaters in the country. In case you don’t want to see the dubbed version, a subtitled version of the film will also hit theaters.

Images: Crunchyroll

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