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Criticism rains down on Ángela Aguilar for assuring that she has Argentine blood

The fact that the Argentine National Team has been proclaimed champion in a soccer World Cup for the third time in its history, caused various entertainment figures to dedicate some messages to it on social networks greeting.

For the most part, all the texts and videos of the artists were praised by their followers. However, A message from the American singer Ángela Aguilar Álvarez was disapproved by several of the 9 million people who are watching their content shared on Instagram.

The interpreter of the regional Mexican genre had the idea of ​​publishing a photograph where she appears sitting in what appears to be the cabin of an airplane and wears a light blue pans.

What is controversial about the action is that the image is accompanied by a message where she declares herself to be Argentine.

“I can’t explain it to you, because you will not understand. 25% Argentina, 100% proud, today we are all more celestial than the sky“, he indicated.

Immediately afterwards, the publication began to receive controversial responses from those who felt offended Well, they argue that the 19-year-old singer is American by birth and that she interprets Mexican songs, since this is very profitable for her economic interests, as is now the fact that trying to get on the success of a team that represents a country to which it does not belong, no matter how South American it pretends to be.

And if France had won, would you be 25% French? You are American and not even Mexican, now you even feel like Argentina, hahaha. Oh crap! You sing the anthem of Mexico, now go to Argentina, run”, were just some of the comments that have not stopped hitting the famous daughter of the singer Pepe Águilar, who lives in Calabasas, California.

In defense of Angela, The version circulates on social networks where it is indicated that his maternal grandmother is indeed Argentina, besides that Anelíz Álvarez, his mother, lived during his childhood in Buenos Aires.

For this reason and due to the controversy generated, it is expected that the young artist will shortly issue a comment in which she clarifies what is the real reason for defining herself as Argentine to a certain extent.

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