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Criticism of Gwyneth Paltrow’s diet: “Eating nothing”

Gwyneth Paltrow is not only known for her acting career, but also for her interest in health. But when she recently shared what she eats in a day, many reacted strongly.

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Recently, Gwyneth Paltrow shared her health routine in The Art of Being Well with Dr Will Colea podcast whose purpose is to help listeners connect “body, soul, mind and relationships”.

“Important to support my detox”

In the episode, Paltrow says that she usually eats dinner early and then doesn’t eat again until 12 noon the following day – when she likes to eat soup, often bone broth. In the mornings, she drinks coffee or “celery juice with lemon or lemon water” because she wants to avoid “raising the blood sugar level”.

She also says that she exercises for an hour in the morning – for example a walk or Pilates – and then dry-brushes her body before she bathes in an “infrared sauna for 30 minutes”. For dinner, Paltrow usually eats a so-called Stone Age diet, which according to her means “a lot of vegetables”:

“It’s very important to me to support my detox,” she says.

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The dietitian: “The body cleans itself”

The somewhat unusual routine has received a lot of attention on TikTok, where many users believe that Paltrow actually seems to be suffering from some kind of eating disorder.

One of those who have reacted strongly to the clip is dietitian Sarah Williams, who goes by the username @nutritionalsarah on the platform. She has made her own video reminding her 1.1 million followers of the following:

1. “You don’t have to do intermittent fasting just because a celebrity does it—it’s okay to eat when your body tells you it’s hungry.”

2. “Coffee is not a meal – especially not breakfast. The body performs at its best when it receives enough nutrition, and coffee does not provide the body with this.”

3. “Bone broth is not a magic cure for all your ailments. It’s good in a stew or soup but I wouldn’t use it as the sole nutrient in a meal.”

4. There is nothing wrong with eating “lots of vegetables” for dinner, but people with stomach problems may find it difficult to eat large amounts of vegetables at once. Williams also recommends not only eating vegetables in a meal, but eating them along with protein and fat.

5. “You don’t have to eat a stone-age diet just because a celebrity does.”

6. Paltrow explains her eating habits as “supporting her detox” – but what is she actually cleansing her body from? “She doesn’t eat anything,” says Williams. “If you have a liver and kidneys, the body cleans itself. Sure, you can support it by eating a well-balanced diet, but that also means giving yourself enough nutrition, and that’s not what Gwyneth Paltrow is doing—especially based on what she said in that interview.”

@nutritionalsarah I actually wasn’t planning on saying anything about the Gwyneth Paltrow recent interview, but then I remembered my responsibility, as a registered dietitian, to inform the public of behaviors that could potentially be harmful to the general public. Not only is it dangerous to follow the diet that she states because it’s severely undernourishing one’s body, but it’s also dangerous to promote it. I’m sick to think that this interview could be seen by impressionable young men and women and make them engage in behaviors that could be harmful to their bodies. Friends, please let this be a reminder that your bodies are worthy of nourishment. You do not have to follow a fad diet just because a celebrity (who likely has no education, training, or credentials in this field) does. She claims that this is her “wellness routine”. I am here to tell you that starving your body is not wellness. Wellness is adequately, nourishing your physical body, as well as nourishing your heart, soul, and mental health. #dietitian #gwenythpaltrow #nutrition #food #diet ♬ original sound – Sarah Williams, RDN

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